Home for the Holidays

Happy Sunday and a Happy Birthday shout out to my darling best friend Faith!

Nathan and I are heading up North for Thanksgiving and I can hardly contain my excitement! I have been scurrying around all weekend getting Christmas gifts (we are doing an early Christmas exchange with my side of the family because we will not see them for Christmas) doing laundry, finding yummy TG recipes to make, and getting our house in order ( I hate leaving a messy house to come back to).

(Christmas shopping with my trusty Starbucks coffee in hand, the best way)
I have really been cleaning up my diet this week and saving up my calories for all the delicious eats I will most defiantly be consuming next week, in moderation of course. ;)
It’s been a dreary couple of days here but I have stuck to my running game and even logged some miles yesterday in the rain with the pup. The neighbors officially think I’m nuts. ;)

(Last weekend to this weekend)

Brandy enjoyed our cold rainy run much more than I did!
Earlier this week, Faith sent me this book I have been wanting to read for a while now ever since her visit this July when she mentioned it to me. I was close to ordering it on my iPad and then it arrived at my doorstep. Thanks Faith!

It really puts a Godly perspective on weight loss and living a healthy life. I’m almost finished reading it and I highly recommend it!
Speaking of Christmas gifts, I have been eyeing these lovely running pants and the bold colors and designs!

(Hint, hint Nathan ;) )
Well, today I’ve got some last minute shopping to do before our flight leaves Thursday! Oh and some DIY projects in the works along with painting/touching up some of our base boards.
Have a great Sunday!
Lauren <3

Hiking, Clean Eats, and Weight Loss Coaching

Good Morning!
It’s a bit chilly here in south Texas so I’m choosing to finally write a blog post before I go running this morning.
These past few weeks have been such a whirl wind between work events, youth events, and life in general. Here are a few snap shots into life lately.

I had some girls over for pumpkin carving and a sleepover!

We went to a local corn maze and us teachers dressed up as the Three Little Kittens who Lost Their Mittens for our school story book parade.

Some yummy fall eats including a delicious egg casserole courtesy of Nathan’s mom’s recipe box.

Last weekend my teacher friends and I headed to a nearby Market Days to browse and shop around the adorable little town of Wimberly, TX. We were told we needed to stop at their famous pie shop, and it did not disappoint.


Nathan and I have been hearing about a wonderful hike up in the hill country at Lost Maples State Park so we decided to pack up some healthy snacks, plenty of water, and make the 2 hour drive to spend the day exploring. It was a beautiful hike complete with a snake sighting ;) and we would go back for sure.
In other news, I was approached by a friend that I work with at school and she asked if I would be willing to help her loose weight and get ready to run an upcoming 5k. I let her know that I am in no way a professional but I do have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and would love to sit down with her and get her started. So, Friday we met up after school and I was able to help her come up with meal plans, grocery lists, and a work out regiment to start off her weight loss journey. It was such a great experience and I love being able to help friends get a grip on their lifestyle and being making healthier lifestyle choices instead of “dieting”.

(This was one of the quotes I showed her in our meeting, and I love it!)
Well, I have an anxious puppy over here that is dying to go running, so I’m off to go lace up my running shoes!

Have a great day!
Lauren <3

Spaghetti Squash & Beating the Rain

Hello and happy Saturday!
I’m sitting in our upstairs living room, football playing in the background, and soaking up the remaining hours of this wonderful Saturday.

I woke up with the dawn this morning so that I could fit in a run before the thunderstorms began at 8. Sure enough I was coming up my last hill towards home when the storm began to roll in. I was able to grab coffee with Nathan before he headed off to a youth leader meeting at the church. I may have decided to skip out on this one to catch up on housework around here. I always feel like I’m never caught up with all of the upkeep this home requires. So, after a morning filled with cleaning Nathan came home and whisked me away to a nearby park for a hike. We love hiking but they’ve had to be put on hold due to the unrelenting Texas heat.
After our hike we were both staving so decided to pick up a pizza and head home in time for the Michigan game to start.

I ate my salad before downing two slices. Yummm.
We are having quite a few people over this week so I’m really trying to stay on top of my cleaning so that I don’t get overwhelmed. My friend Holli is coming over tomorrow after church for lunch, and then we are hitting up some local thrift shops to look for furnishings for her new apartment. Tuesday night we are hosting small group here and then Friday night I’m having some youth girls over for a sleep over, pumpkin carving, and cider with donuts.

(I found some cute new holiday decor last weekend)
Also, I made a killer spaghetti squash dish last night for dinner and decided it is blog worthy so here we go! *cough cough faith*;)
Before leaving for work yesterday morning I put together a package of sweet italian sausage and three cans of Hunts tomato sauce in the crock pot to simmer on low all day. (Think 7am-3pm) So 8 hours on low. Then after arriving home I cut the spaghetti squash in half, scraped out the seeds, and placed it face up on a baking sheet. Once the oven is fully heated to 400* put the squash in to roast for 50 minutes.

Then with a fork, take and scrape at the sides of the squash and pasta like strings will fall right off. Spoon the “pasta” into a dish and top with sausage/sauce.



It was so delicious and nutritious which is a great combo in my book!
Well, I’m off have a great remainder of your weekend!
<3 Lauren

Running 1000 Miles & A Finished Project

Happy Saturday!
Last post I was talking of my excitement to wake up and run in the morning. Well, it was an awesome run yesterday and it set the pace for a lovely Friday! My First graders behaved (mostly) and the weather even cooled down.

(refueling post-run with a protein smoothie & B is all tired out)
We’re having a pretty low key day today. I’m feeling pretty lousy with a sore and scratchy throat that is moving into my chest. None the less I woke up this morning telling myself that a short 3 miler wouldn’t make me feel any worse. Well, after completing the run I looked down at my phone and saw this lovely number staring up at me. I started to feel better…:)

I finally made it to 1000 miles in under 2 years of tracking my running with nike plus. :)
Following the running and showering, Nathan whipped us up some bacon and eggs for breakfast. I sipped on my coffee at our bar while he was busy cooking away. We always have the best talks when coffee is involved ;) Mid breakfast I started to feel pretty lousy so we decided to lounge around this morning, me watching Gilmore Girls (it’s on Netflix now!) and him football. It wasn’t long until I decided I needed some fruit and made us some berry smoothies with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.Yum.

Soon, Nathan left for church and I decided to get cracking on that Pinterest project I hinted about last post. I found a brilliant, easy, an cheap headboard idea for our master bedroom. I sprayed the foam ceiling tiles down with Kilz and using the scotch extreme mounting taps stuck them to our wall. It seriously was too easy. Here are some progress pictures and the finished product.




Also, I crafted up this fun little festive wreath for Christmas time. I told you I have been bit by the DIY bug. ;)

And that’s a rap for today. Nathan’s watching his beloved wolverines play right now and I’ve got some hearty chicken lime soup simmering on the stove top.
Have a great weekend!
Lauren <3

Grocery Shopping & Running in the Dark

Well here we are on October 2nd already! Bring on all things fall related! I love the feel of cooler weather finally reaching the South…

Nathan and I had no obligations tonight after work, so we came home and filled each other in on the happenings of our days from first graders and parent teacher conferences to moving office spaces and speaking on Saturday night. After weighing the options and taking a peek into our fridge we deciding to hop back in the car and swing by Chick-Fil-A for an easy dinner (aka we need groceries).

Fridays are our typical grocery days. I am weird in the fact that I actually enjoy grocery shopping and don’t mind going after work on a Friday, Nathan on the other hand is not a fan but will always agree to join me and attempt to sneak as many junk food items Reese’s chips ahoy oreos potato chips frozen pizzas into the cart as possible while I am busy scouring my planned out shopping list.

<a href="https://livinglifebetweenthemiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/img_0228-0.jpg&quot;

This past Monday Nathan suggested that for our weekly date night we should do dinner and the movie Maze Runner. I was more than game and we had such a blast eating then walking around target to find some movie munchies to smuggle into the theater (don't act like you've never done it ;) )

(Of course I had to make a Starbucks stop to caffeine up before hand)


I have been bit by the DIY bug lately and decided to try some Pinterest inspired crafts for the house. We are having Nathan’s whole family here for the holidays and I want our project list finished and the house in tip top shape. Here’s a preview of some of the items I am planning to use in our under construction master bedroom.


I am looking forward to my run in the morning at 5. I love running in those early hours while it’s still dark out and most people are still sound asleep. There’s something almost sacred about you, the sound of shoes on pavement, and the will that is the driving force keeping one foot in front of the other. I love looking up and seeing the stars overhead, hearing Nathan and Brandy next to me and knowing that it’s our time before all the happenings of the day begin. I will never take my running for granted, I truly treasure the gift of being able to use my legs and push my muscles to their limits and feel just how much my body truly is capable of.

This picture doesn’t do it justice but it is from my Sunday morning run. I had to try to capture the beauty of the shining dew clinging to the grass in the morning sunlight. It stopped me in my tracks and reminded me of the verse Luke 19:40 that says”I tell you even if they were to keep quiet, the very stones would cry out” meaning even creation is shouting outHis praises!


Well, this weekend is quickly approaching and we have plans to attend a high school football game tomorrow night and then help a friend move on Saturday and of course church Sunday. I plan to get in some heavier mileage this weekend along with finishing up and posting some of my projects along with new fall dinner recipes I hope to create after we make that grocery trip tomorrow ;) PS expect to see a spaghetti squash recipe featured soon because let me tell you I have been meal prepping that stuff for my lunches the past two weeks and I’m still not tired f it! Spaghetti squash is such a great pasta substitute packed with fiber, zinc, magnesium, and tons of vitamins. Not to mention it is like 30 calories per cup!


Well, I’m off to watch a little Blacklist on Netflix with Nathan! Love that show.:)

Have a great evening.
Lauren <3

24 is Looking Pretty Good

Good Morning! I’m coming at you today officially one year older ;)

I started my morning off in typical Sunday fashion. Woke up around 6:30 and made a fresh pot of coffee for Nathan and I, got his breakfast ready, we talked over steaming mugs of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee and then off to church/work he went. I on the other hand laced up my Brooks, leashed up my energetic pup and out the door we went for our morning run. After completing 3 miles I headed into my “workout room” (it’s a work in progress) and did 15 minutes of strength training/lifting free weights.

Now, I’m eating my breakfast of scrambled eggs and a banana with natural PB and then it’ll be off to church for me too! I can’t wait to be home this afternoon to relax with a good book and some soup. The temperatures are dipping here in San Antonio and I am loving the hint of fall in the air, it makes everything feel more cozy! :)

Backing up to last weekend, Nathan and I decided to head over to a water park in the area on Saturday!

Schlitterbahn for the day!

Schlitterbahn for the day! ( I didn’t take my camera into the park)

Nathan also surprised my by giving me some early birthday gifts that day too! Excuse the sweaty attire, this picture was taken post run. I got some of my all time favorite coffee Jamaican Me crazy along with an Ipad Air! Later, we got all cleaned up and went out for my birthday dinner! We tried a new sushi place called Piranha Killer Sushi and it was incredible!

picstitch (55)

photo bday

The next day we continued the celebration by going to another favorite seafood restaurant, the infamous Fish City Grill. I know we go here all the time but its honestly just too good not to!

So delish. There was even some Cheesecake Factory -Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert! yumm.

So delish. There was even some Cheesecake Factory -Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert! yumm.

He always does such a great job of making me feel so loved on my birthday. <3

picstitch (58)

On a different note, I have been killing it with meal planning lately. Knowing how unrelenting our schedules are lately I know that I need to have lunches, snacks, and dinners easy and ready to go. So, last Sunday I made a giant batch of homemade chicken noodle soup for us to take in our lunches throughout the week. Soup is such an easy lunch, I usually pair it with an apple and some nuts or a granola bar and I’m all set.

Chicken soup for daysss

Chicken soup for daysss

I also made a pan of ground turkey meatloaf with zucchini and BBQ sauce. It was a great option for Nathan to take in for lunches because he needs more meat and sustenance in his meals.

Meatloaf is so hard to photograph

Meatloaf is so hard to photograph.

I also have a fun little recipient to share with all my ice cream lovers out there! I have been making homemade peach and banana soft serve lately and it is so delicious, healthy, and a great substitute for most calorie laden ice creams.

picstitch (59)

These are some guilt free indulgences that you may want to try the next time that late night ice cream craving strikes!

Banana Soft Serve:

*1.5 frozen bananas slightly thawed*1tsp. vanilla extract* 2tbs. cream (May need to add more depending on desired consistency)* 1/2 cup of ice.

*Combine all ingredients into a food processor, I use my magic Bullet, and blend off and on for 3 minutes or until desired ice cream consistency. Enjoy!

Peach Soft Serve:

*2 fresh peaches chopped  *1tsp. vanilla extract* 2tbs. cream(May need to add more depending on desired consistency)* 2/3 cup of ice.

*Combine all ingredients into a food processor, I use my magic Bullet, and blend off and on for 3 minutes or until desired ice cream consistency. Enjoy!

I am seriously obsessed with these easy, creamy recipes!

I will leave you with this funny photo of Nathan and I at the ice skating rink with the youth group yesterday. Our height difference always makes me chuckle and with skates on, he’s even taller.

picstitch (60)

Okay, that’s enough for one post! I’m off to get my worship on! Have an awesome Sunday!

Lauren <3

What’s Been Happening Lately

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes? Last time I sat down to type a blog post it was July, and now here we are on the last day of August.

First day back to teaching after a glorious summer break!

First day back to teaching after a glorious summer break!

The end of summer is an extremely busy season for Nathan and I. Since my last post we’ve had a week of summer camp, my family here for a vacation, two weeks of teacher in-service, school starting up, Nathan preaching in main service, staff retreats, youth events, and last week my good friend lost her dad unexpectedly. I feel as though I’m just starting to slow down and reflect on all that the month of August entailed.

Summer Camp-2014-Thirst

Summer Camp-2014-Thirst

Sisters! <3

Sisters! <3

We showed the family some of our newer favorite restaurants.

We showed the family some of our newer favorite restaurants.

Hanging out at the pool and play some tennis matches.

Hanging out at the pool and play some tennis matches.

Family iron chef competition. Guess who won it all? ;)

Family iron chef competition. The secret ingredient was peanut butter. Guess who won it all? ;)

Early morning runs starting back up and a side of lesson planning ;)

Early morning runs starting back up and a side of lesson planning.

Before heading off to church this morning to hear my wonderful husband being the Word, I got in a 3 mile run and core work, then hopped down to the kitchen to create a crock pot meal that I could have ready to go by the time we get in the door this afternoon. After going over all of my options (we need groceries so bad) I realized that I had all the fixings for some turkey chili with zucchini and quickly whipped up some cheddar bay biscuits to pair with the chili. This meal has autumn written all over it which is ironic because it feels nothing like fall here in TX with our 100* days we’ve been having. ;)

Slow cooker Turkey Chili served with Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Slow cooker Turkey Chili served with Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

So tomorrow for Labor Day, we’ve been throwing around the idea of hitting up a nearby water park or another appealing suggestion of having a lazy day at the house and staying in our jammies all day, which after the few weeks we’ve had may just be the smarter choice. Either way, I plan to get in that morning run/workout and keep on trucking  in my health and fitness journey! I’m doing great lately and have a new found love for salads which I believe have contributed to me loosing about 5 lbs. and being able to keep it off too. 

Well, I’m off to run some errands and then relax with Nathan and Brandy. Enjoy your Sunday!

Lauren <3


House Guests and Snow Cones

Happy Saturday!

Today has been spent cleaning, packing, organizing, and cooking! For what you may ask? Well, we are off for a week of summer camp with 100 teens from our youth group and I am in total prep. mode! Directly after camp my family will be arriving in Texas to spend the next week vacationing with us here in San Antonio, so I want all my ducks to be in a row so that I won’t have too much I need to get done when we get back from camp. I know from past experiences how draining a week away with teenagers can be and plan to catch up on lost sleep before the family gets here!

On Tuesday I said goodbye to my dear friend Faith who spent a week here in the city with us. We went all over and didn’t waste any time catching up right where we left off. We ventured from Sea World one day to hiking at the Missions the next. Of course we toured the Alamo, shopped the outlets, and dined on the Riverwalk. It was sad to say bye, but looking back on all the great photos of her visit cheers me right up.

Save the Alamo!

                                  Save the Alamo!

Getting ready to take in some SeaWorld shows

         Getting ready to take in some SeaWorld shows

Hiking The Mission of San Jose

            Hiking The Mission of San Jose

Currently, Nathan’s sister Amanda is here visiting because she is joining us for a week of camp! Tomorrow morning I am picking up Nathans college buddy Josh from the airport as he will be our camp speaker all week! Tonight, we are going to hit up the Saturday night service at church and then take Amanda to a new-to-us snow cone shack called Bahama Bucks, which I am loving right now amidst all this crazy heat.

Gettin' my froyo on ;)

Gettin’ my froyo on ;)

Even though it has been vacation mode over here for a few weeks with all the visitors we’ve been having, I am still logging those miles each morning and incorporating hiking too! Keeping so busy has kept me from mindless eating lately which has been great. Now, I just need to keep my ice cream intake to minimum and my waistline will thank me! ;)

Delicious Bahama Bucks

Delicious Bahama Bucks

I’m off to go get ready and head out the door for church! See ya after Summer Camp!

Lauren <3



One Year Blogiversary!

Looking back on the past year of blogging, I am so thankful that Nathan encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and begin Living Life Between the Miles! It has been so neat to be able to look back on old posts and document our lives this way. If you are considering starting a blog I encourage you to take the plunge and just do it! :)

With that said, here are some highlights from this past week!

Nathan and I woke up early on the 4th and took the dog for a long walk/run it was a beautiful, cool, breezy morning. Once we returned home I made up a batch of pancakes with blueberries and raspberries in true red, white, and blue form. ;) Later I created a festive batch of Oreo truffles for the party we were attending later in the day. 

We spent July 4th our on our pastors ranch! We got rained on quite a bit but once the storm cleared we were able to shoot off a great firework show and enjoy some delicious eats. (I left my phone in the car for the party, so no photos :( )

The rest of this week has been spent deep cleaning this house of ours. We will have a revolving door of visitors staying with us from July 15th-August 9th! (not counting the week of summer camp in there.) As much as I love having a larger house, it does come with quite a bit of maintenance required and it seems as if there is always something needing repaired. Oh the joys of home ownership! ;)

Of course no blog post of mine would be complete if I didn’t have at least one food picture ;) 

There is just something about the hot weather that makes me crave cool crisp salads all summer long. I have been eating more than my fair share of the Subway chopped salads recently. Also, Monday evening Nathan and I tried out a new little pizza parlor called New York Pizza Pub. We ordered half Hawaiian for me and half meat lovers for him. Oh, and those garlic knots…yumm!

Well, I’m off to get some more items checked off of my to-do list. I’m so excited for Faith to be here next week, I haven’t’ seen her since Lindsay and Ben’s wedding and we barely got to talk, so we have some catching up to do! 

Have a great day!

Lauren <3







What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hello and happy Thursday!

I am currently snacking on a delicious bowl full of sweet cherries and boy do they taste like summer. Speaking of summer, this past week has been jam packed with fun summer activities like rafting the Comal river, birthday dinners on the River Walk, Summer shopping, and busting out the grill!

shopping, summer dinners, and deer sightings.

shopping, summer dinners, and deer sightings.

Busy schedules, grilling, and tubing days...

Busy schedules, grilling, and tubing days…

Nathan and I have gotten to go on quite a few date nights so far this summer and are really enjoying time together. I know I say this all the time but we finally found our new favorite sushi joint in San Antonio. It’s called Wasabi  and we fell in love with the fresh food, great Miso soup, and incredible service.

My dinner date ;)

My dinner date ;)

As I mentioned last Monday, we had plans to go out to dinner and a movie, well we dined at a favorite place of ours, the Cheesecake Factory and our movie afterward turned into a Redbox  renting of Lone Survivor. (Nathan’s choice)

picstitch (44)



On the running front, I have been logging miles with Brandy every morning before the Texas sun gets too unbearable. I run brandy for about two miles when she starts to get bored and hot then drop her off back at the house with some cold water and head back out for the remainder of my run. I’ve been trying to finish each  run before 9 am each day which means no sleeping in for this girl, but I’ll take it!

views from my super sweaty runs this week

views from my super sweaty runs this week

Well, I’ve got dinner in the crock pot and it smells great! I can’t wait for Nathan to get home and enjoy a day off with him tomorrow celebrating our nation’s independence!

Catch ya later!

Lauren <3