About the Author Behind Living Life Between the Miles

Image Hello! My name is Lauren and I am 22 years old. I live in the great state of Texas, where my husband and I moved a year ago after we got married!  I grew up in Ohio, right on the shores of the beautiful Lake Erie in a small boating town. We moved to San Antonio, Texas after my husband Nathan got a job offer to come and work as the youth pastor at a wonderful church in San antonio, which led to me receiving a teaching offer at the private school run by the same church!  We both have college degrees in these areas so we knew that God’s hand was in this decision. Even though we miss our families dearly, it is what the Lord has for us now.  After a few months of Texas living, we decided that a furry friend would be a great addition to our family, so we adopted Brandy from the Humane Society when she was 4 months old! 


I have enjoyed running for pleasure since high school when my dad first introduced me to it. Running is my time alone with God, it’s my stress relief, and it’s where I feel my strongest. I enjoy trail running the most, and you can often find me looking for new trails to run on. This past year I wanted to take all my running and put it to good use, so I signed up for my first half marathon.I finished in 1:57:53 . Since then I have run smaller races but am looking forward to signing up for another half or possibly a full.


(My first half marathon with my girl Julia! I’m the one in the pink sweatshirt)

In the past I have struggled with an unhealthy relationship regarding food. Over the past 3 years I have finally made peace with calories and begun to view food as fuel that will help my body run properly. I enjoy tweaking dishes to make them healthy and experimenting with new healthy foods that my picky husband will eat 😉 


I will also be sharing some of my adventures as a First grade teacher on this blog. Working with children is such a blessing, and I always come home with new funny stories to share about my kiddos. 

Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by 🙂




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