Pilates, Smoothies, and Cacti

Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday was a jam packed day over here. It was River day with the youth group which is basically an all day event. We spent a few hours tubing on the Comal River, which was super relaxing and a great way to stay cool in this July heat.


I started this day with an easy 3 mile run. I’ve been feeling under the weather since yesterday and I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with a cold or sinus infection! I originally planned to run 5 miles today but I was really dragging and not feeling the best, so decided not to push my luck. However, I did get some great pictures along my trail run.




(you know I had to post a cactus picture )

It was a super hot morning and I was drenched after just 3 miles. I headed to the workout room where I lifted weights for 15 minutes, then went back and decided on a quick Pop Pilates core workout.  The V-sit ups get me every time!

Have any of you runners out there ever noticed that the less core work/strength training you do that it affects your running?

Lately, I haven’t done quite as much core work as I had been doing and have noticed that my pace and endurance have suffered because of it. It hasn’t been a huge impact but still something that I have noticed and wondered if anyone else has too. I guess that means it’s time to get my butt in gear. 😉


For breakfast I blended up a delicious smoothie with my beloved Magic Bullet. It hit the spot after a sweaty work out.


(Not much to look at, but sure tastes great)

In the mix:

One whole banana

Two handfuls frozen blueberries

1 tbs. peanut butter

One handful of ice cubes

½ cup unsweetened coconut milk

½ cup of water

I am a smoothie nut. I make them all the time and they’re a super easy way to sneak in fruit and veggie servings into your diet.

I make Nathan smoothies from breakfast because he has a hard time eating a salad or even fruit. By mixing in different types of fruits and most times spinach as well, he gets many of the vitamins he needs at breakfast, it’s a win, win!

Every Friday we meet with our church small group for dinner and to go over Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. This program has been a huge blessing in our lives and has allowed us to save quite a bit of money and given us a chance to really stop and look at where our money is going. Instead of letting our money control us, we are now able to control it and tell it where to go on our way to becoming debt free!

I highly recommend this program. Nathan’s parents went through Financial Peace University as well and we were able to see how they worked together on finances and put thought into their spending together. Rather than one person paying all the bills or dealing with all the finances it becomes a team effort between you and your spouse.

Well, My tutoring session for this afternoon has been canceled which has freed up some time for me to get some much needed groceries and tidy up our place before Nathan’s home at 3! Have a great Friday!




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