House Hunting and Crock Pot Dinners

It has been quite a day! Since 8:00 am until now I’ve been home for approximately 10 minutes, it feels great to plop down on my comfy couch! 

Today I got up at 6 am to run and work out before my teacher in service from 8:00-3:30.

Then, Nathan and I met with our realtor to go see some houses. Yes, we are officially ready to move out of the apartments. We had some good luck but I’m not going to jump the gun until anything is for sure 😉 I’ll post updates when I know more!

I needed a caffeine jolt to keep me going and my iced mocha did the trick!


Afterwards, Nathan and I headed back to the church for a Leadership meeting where we’ve been most of the night.

I got some cute monkey/ jungle themed trinkets for my classroom. It’s “back to school night” tomorrow and my room is almost ready to go!


I made this pizza for dinner Saturday evening. It’s a whole wheat thin crust topped with turkey pepperonis, mozzarella, spinach, and sauce, yummm!






Last night for dinner I made this roast in my trusty crock pot. It was so nice to get home from the church and have dinner ready to go!


P.S. Crock Pot liners are a great buy. They make clean up incredibly easy.


*This meal really hit the spot! 

Well, my brain is fried for the day, I don’t even know if this post will make sense in the morning! 😉 




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