Routine or Spontaneous?

I can’t wait for school to start on Monday and get back into a routine.  

I’m a pretty routine, structured, organized person. I run my classroom that way and have found that even if they don’t know it, the kids really appreciate routine.

That being said, once school starts I feel that I will be able to blog more regularly and have more of a structure on this blog as well as my life! 🙂

It has been another jam packed week over here. Nathan and I just got back from a quinceanera for one of the girls in our youth group. I had never been to one before, it’s basically a Hispanic, turning of age celebration for girls turning 16 and entering  womanhood. It was very cool to see, and I’m so bummed I forgot to snap pictures. 

We also had another sweet 16 birthday party to attend right before that one…

So, here’s what I decided to whip up for dinner last night, I truly slaved over a hot stove for hours to make it….



*Thank you freezer meals!

Nathan had his meat lovers pizza and I had my veggie rolls. yummm!

We’ve gotten a few invitations in the mail this week and it’s making me so excited for  up coming weddings!



Well, tomorrow morning I’m heading out for a nice long run before it gets too hot, then we’re meeting with our Realtor, and afterwards I have a Back to School Pick-nick to attend.

I plan to try out a spaghetti squash recipe for dinner tomorrow if Nathan can get past his phobia of squash. 😉

I’ll keep you posted!



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