It’s Wedding Time

Well, once again this week is getting away from me and I have yet to type up a blog post! 

Nathan and I are boarding a plane  tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. and heading home to Michigan. We are in two of our best friends’ wedding on Saturday!

These two cuties.


Yes, he did propose at the top of the Willis tower in Chicago. Big points for that one 😉

Here we all are at our wedding!

Nathan and I are also looking forward to seeing our long lost families who are also attending the wedding! 

After we get home from youth group tonight it’s packing time. We have to leave the house at 4 a.m. tomorrow so I want everything ready to go so I don’t even have to think in the morning! 😉

Am I the only one who likes to leave with a clean house? Anytime we go anywhere for a number of days I always clean the apartment top to bottom beforehand. There’s something about knowing you get to come home to a clean house that does it for me!

I squeezed in a steamy run today after work. I fell asleep super early last night (we’re talking 7:30 people)  and because of this forgot to set my alarm for an early morning run before school.

I prefer to run and work out before my day officially starts for a few reasons.

1. It sets the pace for my day and makes me feel good to know that I’ve already accomplished my workout before most people are even up.

2. It’s my time alone with Nathan before the craziness of every day sets in.

3. I tend to make healthier choices throughout the day when I run early.

4. If I wait to long to work out, I usually talk myself out of it all together. When I run at 5 a.m. I don’t have time to think about it, I’m usually waking up around mile 2 and almost done with my run!

 I am super excited for these next few days with great friends and family! 





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