Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Wednesday friends!

I’m perched on my couch sipping on a hot mocha coffee, attempting to kick this headache I’m battling and decided it’s about time to write up this blog post I’ve been thinking up.

Our trip back home to Michigan/Indiana was a whirlwind weekend to say the least. We managed to squeeze in family time, a wedding, birthday celebration, and a fantasy football draft all into three days!

I was able to fit in some running and was quickly reminded just how much I love running in the fall/end of summer cooler temperatures back North. Texas running doesn’t become bearable temperature wise until around October November December. I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures along my country side morning runs. I even got to run with my Dad and Ben (Lindsay’s fiance) one morning, it was a real treat!




The View From Nathan’s Front porch



The corn was taller than my 6 ft. 4 in. tall husband! 




Onto the wedding!

Faith and Brendan’s wedding was such an absolute blast! They truly are made for each other and a blessing to be around! Faith was the perfect bride and I was so amazed by how cool, calm, and collected she was throughout the whole wedding day. 


She’s all smiles!


I got to steal a picture with my groom 😉


Such a stunning couple!

The venue they chose in the small Amish town of Middlebury Indiana, The Essen Haus was so historic and quaint.  I fell in love with Amish cooking while we were there! 



So excited to be newly weds!


anddd the cake smashing…


Me and my lovely sisters, reunited!


all tired our from dancin’


And off they went to the islands of the Caribbean. I couldn’t be more excited for these two!

The next day, We spent family time with both my family and Nathan’s. We all stayed the night at his house close by where the wedding was located. here are some snap shots from that day.


Hearts are so, so full!



Blurry of mom and dad, but I love it anyways. They’re so adorable!

Oh, and before we left to fly back to the great state of Texas, my sister Lindsay asked me to be her matron of honor! I was beyond ecstatic and cannot wait to start up my M.O.H. duties!

Have a great evening!




4 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Recap

  1. Hey I’ve nominated you for the Liebster and Versatile blogger awards. If you have already been nominated, I apologize, but hey, nothing wrong with nominated twice ay? 😉 *self esteem boost*
    I love reading you blog *double esteem boost* 😛
    God bless,
    Lauren xx

  2. Thank you for sharing this with me Lauren it is beautiful. It sure was nice to see you and Nathan. Now I will know how the 2 of you are doing. Love you

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