Fried Chicken and Birthdays

Happy Sunday! This weekend sure flew by for us over here. It’s back to the grind tomorrow morning!

Friday we went to a high school football game with some youth then went to a cute little pizza place afterwards where we stayed talking until midnight. The next day we went around San Antonio passing out water bottles on a hot day. People were so surprised and responsive to our outreach, it was a neat experience!

I decided to start posting my weekly workout schedule as a way to not only keep myself accountable but to encourage others to get active as well!

Here’s what this week’s  workout schedule is going to look like: 

Sunday: Ran 3 miles before church

Monday: 5 a.m. run before work, 3 miles and strength training afterwards

Tuesday:  Easy Pilates routine

Wednesday: 5 a.m. run before work, 4 miles and strength training afterwards

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: 5 a.m. run before work, 3 miles and strength training afterwards

Saturday: 6 mile hill run

Here are some shots from this weekend/ my birthday on Monday.


*I know this is a healthy eating blog and fried chicken doesn’t make that cut, but yes, I did make some good old Southern friend chicken for my man the other night. 😉


*I’m loving this pasta lately!




*Some of my b-day gifts. Can you tell I have a high heel problem? 😉


* Nathan took me out to eat at Wild Fish Seafood Grill and we were blown away!


*my lava cake dessert hit the spot.


* Some fall decorations made an appearance this weekend as well. Yay!

I’ve gotten in quite a bit of running this weekend to make up for my lack thereof this past week. I even leashed up my furry running buddy to come with me this morning now that the weather is finally cooling down and she won’t get over heated.

Well, i’m off to curl up with Nathan and a good movie before bed! Have a great evening!





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