Cute Shoes & Crock Pot Dinners

Happy Sunday! I’ve got a week of recaps coming at ya…… now!

On the running front, I stuck with my plan and ran every day but Tuesday and Thursday! This photo was shot on yesterday morning’s trail run. Some good Texas dirt for ya…

Can ya tell I need a new pair of Sauconys??


Nathan and I decided instead of carving pumpkins this year, why not try our hand at painting them? Friday after work we stopped and bought some acrylic paints, brushes, and pumpkins and got painting…


The almost finished product….(he still has to put on his finishing touches)





On a more serious food note, here are some yummy eats from this past week!

*Nathan takes the credit for this lovely lasagna creation. He used ground turkey and whole wheat/veggie pasta!


Every Saturday morning here always involves some form of eggs, It’s like our Saturday tradition, and this week was no different! scrambled eggs with spinach, a turkey sausage patty, and whole wheat bagel. (Nathan’s smothered in ketchup;) )


Today when we got home from church  the sweet smell of barbecue chicken filled the air. I had it cooking while we were at church so that lunch would be a snap! I shredded it and topped it on a whole wheat bun with a side of green beans and we were good to go!!


Oh, and no Sunday is complete without a lot little of this stuff! I know, not the healthiest choice given some of the additives but every once in a while I give in to my intense ice cream cravings. 😉


I’m throwing around the idea of starting a fashion page on here, simply because I love to dress up and have to most days, and also because these shoes are just too cute! 😉


This cutie all miked up from talking Sunday. He just loves it when I make him take pictures…



Last night we took some of the youth up to the South Texas Corm Maize. It was a blast and their kettle corn was delish!




Nerd status down there…ha!


Well, I’m off to have a late dinner with my man! I’ll check in later! I’ve got a super busy week with tons of meetings, prayers are appreciated!!




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