Sicky Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I’m fighting off a bad headache right now and debated not posting but I know how crazy busy this upcoming week is going to be so figured it’s now or never!

So this past week brought sickness and injuries, hoping this next one will bring better things 😉

Nathan got sick with a high fever and sore throat so I made him a batch of chicken lime soup to help kick that virus!


Brandy got sick with a doggy virus and wasn’t able to keep any food down for 24 hours. She is just now starting to act like her normal spastic self again.


On my early morning run in the dark on Friday before school, I totally tripped at mile 2 and ate pavement! Brandy was with me and was so sweet and worried about me, but I wanted to get one more mile in so I kept on truckin’.

How gross, right? ha!


Photo from my post run weight session Saturday morning.


Sad face because Nathan was gone at a mens’ retreat for the past three days! No, it was a really cool experience for him and it was nice for him to not have to be in charge of anything but rather have the chance to be a participant for a change.


I went out for sushi and shopping with my girlfriend Kristy Friday night. we had a blast and she introduced me to the restaurant Sushi Zushi. I have to say, It was a really good choice!

I had the Summer Roll.


Picked up a few groceries to get us through the week. Yes, I do drink way too much coffee….


I also need to mention how pumped Nathan and I are for 8:00 pm tonight because…

Well, I’m off to eat some dinner and hang with Nathan and Brandy!
Have a great week!




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