Reordering My Priorities…

Happy Saturday!

I can finally feel the hints of fall in the air promising cooler weather is on its way. Which for me means: longer runs, leather boots, warmer drinks, and autumn crafts.

This afternoon, I spent time curled up next to my football crazed husband sipping some tea and reading a good book. (Like my San Antonio River Walk mug? 😉 )


Shortly after waking up this morning, I coerced Nathan into going to this brand new store I stumbled upon. It has EVERYTHING, just think Hobby Lobby on steroids. While there I decided to purchase some wreath making supplies. I’ve never been a super crafty person but decided to just go for it. Here’s how it all came together…


I’m pretty happy with my new creation!

Monday which is date night around here, took the form of grabbing a quick bite at Kona Grill in between school and church meetings. Their sushi is totally on point and a favorite of ours. (Nathan just couldn’t say no to the cheeseburger sliders haha.)



Tuesday the Elementary grades took a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Here are my precious babies having so much fun!


They got to paint pumpkins, go on a hay ride, visit different learning stations, and plant pumpkin seeds. I loved being a part of all the fun!

Now onto the serious part of this post…

Lately, I’ve been allowing my weight to become more than just a number on the scale. I’ve allowed myself to obsess over a number and let it define my self worth. I know this is wrong and I know as a Christ follower He calls me to live life to glorify Him . The Lord has created me in His image and He never makes mistakes. With that being said, we still must treat our bodies as His temples and strengthen and nourish them. It’s just as wrong to overeat as it is to under eat and starve yourself. It’s all about finding that happy balance and viewing food as fuel for your body. I feel as if I’ve lost sight of that and am training my body and mind to retake on that mindset.

Starting today I am no longer going to allow myself to be a slave to the number on the scale. I am going to rest when my body says to rest as well as eat when my body is hungry. Squeezing in that early morning run even though physically I need an extra hour of sleep is ultimately going to wear me down, and take away from the energy I need later in the day for more important things like time spent in the Word, an evening coffee date with a student in the youth group who needs advice, or simply catching up with Nathan in the evenings instead of falling asleep on the couch at 7pm. (Which happens quite often lately on my part)

I’m going to use this blog to keep myself accountable and put the emphasis back where it belongs. Health and fitness is important and a huge part of my life, but ultimately He comes first and my identity is in Christ alone!



4 thoughts on “Reordering My Priorities…

  1. Lauren, everytime I read a post I get this happy feeling inside! I love knowing what you are doing and how happy you are! It makes me happy! I am always here and praying for you! U inspire me 🙂

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