Family Visit (Recap)

Having my parents fly in last weekend was the best thing ever…

Having my aunt and uncle here from AZ, amazing…

We made some great memories, and it was so hard to see them go…

(They even stopped by Monday to see me at school on their way to the airport)


Mom and I


But, let’s rewind real quick… They arrived Thursday evening and we wasted no time digging into a batch of my chicken lime soup I had waiting for them. I know how hungry traveling makes me, so I figured I should have food ready to go.

Friday we awoke, had coffee, and I ran 3 miles with dad then we all headed over to Magnolia Pancake Haus for brunch where we met up with Nathan (who had to work) They were as blown away as I was with the quality and quantity of the food that comes out of that kitchen.


Aunt Carol and I waiting to be seated


Dad, Mom, and I

Then, that evening we headed to the quaint little town of Gruene, TX where we dined at the Gristmill. This place is a favorite of ours for sure.

It’s got a very open, Texas-y feel to it, and the food is phenomenal! 

I couldn’t pass up their seared Ahi-tuna topped with tamatillo verde sauce. It’s a favorite of mine!Image

Saturday morning we all got up and when for an exploratory hike around the area. We hiked back roads and trails that I had yet to explore. It was nice being able to get a feel of where we are now living. Afterwards, I snuck out for a quick 3 mile run while we waited for Nathan to arrive home from work. Our plan was to drive into Austin, TX for some famous Franklin’s BBQ but we opted for the river walk instead!

There we toured the city a bit before stopping to eat at The County Line BBQ. (Nathan’s favorite) 

river walk

Afterwards we headed to the mall there to shop a bit. I needed a pick me up which led me to Starbucks, of course!


Later that evening we came home and had a hoot playing different games and laughing A LOT!

Sunday, we got up bright and early! I ran a quick 3 miler with dad then we all showered up to head down the road to church. 

After church Nathan and the guys were craving burgers and us girls wanted something green. which led us to Long Horn Cafe. Great burgers and Super salads! 


We then made a Buc-ee’s pit stop because, you can’t visit Texas and not go to Buc-ee’s.

Later that evening, we decided on some Tex-Mex for dinner. We had to take the crew to Los Generales. 





Aren’t they so cute??

Then, we had to take them to Embassy for a round of put-put to commemorate their visit to San Antonio. Never a dull moment with my family…;)


Me and Dad!


Aunt Carol and I


my love!


Uncle John and I 🙂

Overall, It was the greatest weekend we’ve had in a while. It’s so great to get to see family. Distance really puts everything in perspective and teaches us to never take family time for granted but to treasure every minute! I’m counting the days until Christmas vacation when we get to fly back North and see everyone for the holidays.



4 thoughts on “Family Visit (Recap)

  1. This one just makes me smile 🙂 It is so cool to see Mom & Dad & AC & UJ in your pictures in the post 🙂 I’m glad you all had such a great time (believe me, Mom & Dad still talk about how great it was & Dad wears his Buckee pajama pants every night) haha! Wish Kelly & Annie & I could have gone but we are really looking forward to you guys coming up in a month from today!!!! 😀 xoxo, -Linds

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