Perks of Being Married to a Youth Pastor…;)

All I have to say for myself is…I’m married to a youth pastor, which is my excuse for all the shenanigans you’re about to see…

So, let me rewind. My darling husband decided to plan a guys camping trip which got rained our Friday and led to a guys sleepover at a youth leader’s house. Well I had the HS girls sleep over at our new house (what a better way to break it in? literally) So, we decided to pull a few harmless pranks on the guys at their sleepover/camp out. 

We piled in cars, warpaint and all and forked the yard, shaving creamed cars, wrote with car paint on all their windows, oh and stuck a few pads on there for good measure. We did this in like ten minutes flat and drove away to celebrate our successful prank.

However, our success was short lived due to the fact that the guys quickly discovered our prank and decided to do us one better…which led to the above pictures and the unpictured electricity shut off. The deer was one that they found dead on the side of the road and thought, “Hmmm I bet those girls would really freak out if they woke up to that on the door step”…true story.

Well played boys, well played (and my hubby).

Needless to say, it was a crazy, fun night that those HS boys and girls will remember for a long time. I’m not gonna lie, us youth leaders had quite a hoot as well 😉

Which leads me to today, Tuesday. I’m fighting off a bad sore throat and cold. I know it’s due to lack of sleep this past weekend, but I’ll take it. My running game is suffering because of it though. Now, normally a little rain and freezing temps. wouldn’t deter me away from running, but with this cold I know I shouldn’t push my luck. 

I have this week off of school, yay! Only in Texas people..ha. So, naturally Nathan and I got all bundled up yesterday on his day off and went out for some Christmas shopping and movie going. When I say bundled up, I mean the whole nine yards. We’re talking sweat pants, hats, gloves, sweaters, coats, and boots. It’s darn cold here in Texas right now. We walked all around the outlets and got half our our Christmas shopping finished!

Afterwards, we grabbed a bite at Wendy’s and caught the next showing of “Catching Fire”. It was such a great movie, I would recommend it. I only read the first “Hunger Games” book but hear that this 2nd movie was very similar to the book.

Today, I’m debating running. It’s stopped raining and the temp. is supposed to get up to 55. I haven’t run since last Wednesday, and my eating has been highly caloric between sleepover munchies, pizza, ice cream , cupcakes…you get the picture. I need to get back into a healthy routine of balanced eating and exercise. 

I’m making my Oreo truffles for Thanksgiving this Thursday and I will be sure to post the recipe so keep your eyes opened for that!

Some delicious eats I have to blab about for a minute, after that balanced eating blurb.


My movie theater snack of choice, yumm!


These delicious, mostly icing GiGi’s cupcakes I mentioned earlier…


Holding onto the last flavors of fall…this drink is delicious cold or served hot.

 Well, I’m off to tidy up around here and possibly dig out the Christmas decorations (It’s never too early ;))

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Perks of Being Married to a Youth Pastor…;)

  1. The deer cracked me up!!! reminds me of casey! nathan and casey would get a long soo much! i hope we get the opportunity for you to meet casey!!! i love this blog and i love knowing you are coming home soon! 🙂 can’t wait!

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