Playing Catch up Through Pictures


It has been too long since my last post, so I’ve got a bunch of recapping to do today. 🙂 I only have a few minutes before I’m out the door to our paintball youth outing, should be fun!

Here’s a recap in picture form…

Nathans BFF who flew into town for a weekend visit!



My thanksgiving plate. We joined some friends out at their ranch for TG, it was so beautiful!




Half off aps. at Applebees. So yummy but so unhealthy.




Shrimp, zucchini squash, and brown rice. One of my favorite week night dinners to make, and oh so easy! 




Came home from work Tuesday to find the rug I’ve been wanting 😉 Thanks Nathan! 

(I may or may not have dived on it when walking in the door..)



I whipped up a batch of cookies while we decorated the tree together 🙂



My babies performed last night at the school Christmas concert, it was so precious!!




Afterwards, the guys and I went out to a new little pizza parlor in town and got some dinner, yummm.



Being dorks in the car, typical 😉




Me and my running buddy tackling those miles this morning!




Nathan and I whipped up a nice healthy breakfast this morning of bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee.




So, this is a brief look at what life’s been like these past two weeks. I cannot wait for Christmas break after just one more week of school and work. Nathan and I are headed North for Christmas!

Well, I’m off to get my paintball on 😉

Have a great Saturday!



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