Christmas Break, Oh How I Love you

Well, hello there. It’s official I am on Christmas break over here, and llving every second of it. This week was go, go, go and it feels so nice to be at home with the Christmas tree on, sipping coffee. 

Here’s what my week entailed…

Monday was our 1 year and 6 month anniversary. When you’re newly weds the 6 month part is still a big deal. 😉 So I must post some wedding photos in honor of it!


Getting pelted with birdseed



My sister Lindsay making a toast


So in love and excited to start the journey as husband and wife!

Before you get married people often say, “just give it a few years, the “newlywed” feeling will fade.” Well, I’m not planning on that ever happening. I’m truthfully more in love with Nathan today than ever before and I didn’t think that was possible. That feeling of knowing someone inside and out, having them know you that way and loving you in spite of all your imperfections is beautiful. ❤

Anyways, sorry to get all mushy. Here’s some photos of our tree we put up this year. It sure is fun to decorate your own house!


Yes, I am an advocate for real Christmas trees. You can’t beat the piney smell that permeates the house!




Our little monogrammed stockings

After trimming off branches of the tree that were sticking out, instead of throwing them away, I re purposed them as a mantle decoration. My mom would be proud! ha

Yesterday was the last day of school until Jan. 6th and we kicked off break by having a PJ Polar Express Christmas party. You better believe I wore my jammies.

Before the movie, we had a classroom party with Christmas themed centers, my kids went bonkers for the cookie decorating center.


Holiday bingo


Sock snowmen!


Happy Birthday Jesus card center


Cookie decorating center

Last night Nathan and I went out to Macaroni Grill and then did a little Christmas shopping!


bruchetta appetizer, yumm


Nathan got the fettuccine alfredo with chicken and I tried their lobster ravioli. It was very good but a little too rich for my tummy.

We got Brandy a couple Christmas gifts, too!



This week we were able to have youth Christmas party where the entrance fee was an unwrapped toy to be donated to the children’s hospital. We got a bunch of toys that we delivered to the precious children the next day. Seeing their smiling faces was so priceless.


He cleans up nice 😉


Before the Christmas party



Me and my girlies and the youth Christmas party, A Night of Aces.


Our group at Longhorn Cafe after delivering toys


I ordered jalapeno poppers and creamy poblano soup, it was pretty good!

I’m pretty excite about our trip North! Last year we spend time at the Wild Horse Pass in Arizona with family for Christmas. It was a beautiful resort! I wasn’t blogging at that time but need to show you the view we had!


Well, I already cranked out my miles this morning before the rain hit so my plan is to stay warm and cozy inside, Christmas shopping online and reading. Yay! 

I’ll leave you with this cuteness…


Have a great day!

-Lauren ❤



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