Celebrating Christmas Early and Brooks Running Shoes

Happy Monday friends!

I have to start this post out with a birthday shout out to my dad and sister-in -law. (yesterday)


This morning just so happened to be the only time N and I could celebrate Christmas together and do our own little gift exchange. He works tomorrow and we have 3 Christmas eve services tomorrow evening then we will be flying the friendly skies on Christmas morning, so today it was! 

I stopped by the store yesterday to buy some supplies for today’s Christmas dinner…


So, I woke up today around 7 because I planned to make a pot roast that we could enjoy for a late lunch, and I just have to say my house smells AMAZING right now as it cooks away!


 I put on a pot of coffee, played some Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music, and we read through the story of Jesus’s birth in Luke 2 together before opening gifts. 

We let brandy open her gift first and it was hilarious watching her try to figure out what to do with the wrapping paper ha!

Then Nathan and I took turns opening gifts that we got for each other. He usually does a theme when he gets me gifts, and this year’s was a fitness theme. 

Check out these babies!


I’m officially a Brooks owner 😉 I’ve never tried this brand of running shoe, mainly because they are so pricey, and I love my Sauconies.  HOWEVER, I am super excited to test these babies out on my run today! Thanks Nathan!

After gifts, we headed to the kitchen and made omelets with goat cheese and spinach. 


I love goat cheese, it’s probably my favorite cheese out there. 

Oh, and there has been mass amounts of coffee consumed over here this morning, because dad shipped me some of our favorite coffee only sold in Northern Michigan. We discovered it on a family vacation one summer and have been fans ever since.

The flavor is “Chocolate Cherry Festival”, which gives it a hint of amaretto and mocha. I highly recommend it!



Last night Nathan challenged me to yet another board game. (I think he was still holding a grudge from all of my recent Monopoly victories). So, I gladly accepted his proposal to play Settlers of Catan.

Well, guess who swept the board yet AGAIN?

yep, I think it’s safe to say he won’t be challenging me to any rematches any time soon. 😉


Well, I’m off to break in my new Brooks and brave the chilly 40* weather. 

Have a great day!

-Lauren ❤



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