Memories from 2013

Here we are again, the beginning of a new year. There is a sense of new starts and fresh beginnings in the air. 

Personally, I like to reflect a bit on the year past and remember all of the major high points that 2013 brought. Since this is essentially my online journal I figure I will record some of those highlights here! 

Happy 2014!!

Let’s begin in chronological order….

-We kicked off 2013 with Nathan’s family visiting from Michigan last year

-Nathan and I toured the Mummy World Exhibit down town


-Winter Camp

-Nathan took me to the famous Tower of America for Valentines Day


-The church sent us to  the Simple Youth Ministry conference in Indianapolis ( we got to see family)

-I shared my personal testimony with the youth


-Nathan’s 23rd Birthday

-Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes concert


-We took a day trip to Dallas to attend a Detroit Red wings game


-Family and my great friend Faith visited for Easter

-I ran my first half marathon in 1:57:53


-Nathan and I ran the RCCC 5k together 


-I spent a week vacationing in Ohio for my mom’s b-day

-We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary at the Inn on Lake Grandbury



-I started the blog! 😉

-Aunt Lisa visited San Antonio

-Summer Camp at Forest Glenn

-Uncle john visited Texas

-Faith and Bud’s wedding

-My 23rd birthday



-We bought our first home

– My family visited to see our new home


-We spent Thanksgiving on the ranch

-Josh visits

-We spent Christmas up North


-Lindsay’s New Year’s Eve bachelorette party


-I ran a total of 616 miles, burned 52,925 calories, and my avg. pace was 9 minutes and 12 seconds per mile!

Photo: Miles run in 2013


WOW, talk about great memories! I cannot wait to see how the Lord blesses us in the year to come! 


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