This Week’s Food and Fitness Plan

Well, it feels great to be sitting down after a long but productive Sunday.



*That quote really hit home for me this week.


Nathan and I went to our Saturday night service and this morning I was able to get errands run and my to do list tackled around here. We had a church picnic today after church and I planned to run, workout, get groceries for the next two weeks, and clean the kitchen before hand. 

We’ve decided to start hitting the budget hard again after a few months of putting on the back burner. We have been dining out more than cooking in and making tons of purchases on car, house, and miscellaneous items lately. 

However, all of our eats have led me to discover my new favorite restaurant….Fish City Grill, a seafood lover paradise.



All of their seafood is super fresh and they are famous for their oyster nachos which were out of this world! 

And then there was Saltgrass Steakhouse which is where we ended up for our date night Monday evening. I want to try to recreate their wedge salad!



I got these groceries to last us for the next two weeks.



I like to plan and buy for two weeks rather than one and I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing how much to buy so we don’t have to make multiple trips to the store in between those two weeks.


Here is our tentative meal plan for this upcoming week:

M: Date night- out

T: Lemon garlic shrimp with roasted zucchini squash

W: Omelettes with spinach and feta

Th: Baked talipia with garlic and dijon

F: Sticky chili wings in the crock pot

S: Out

S: leftovers

As I talked about last week the hubs and I have been tracking our calories on the myfitnesspal app. I am not one to restrict myself and obsess over calories, I do not agree with that nor is it healthy. The app. is merely a tool we are using to keep track of how many hidden calories really are in the foods we consume. It has been very eye opening to both of us as to just how many more calories we were consuming than needed. So far Nathan has lost 7 lbs. and I have lost .8.  We have not felt deprived once and are continuing to eat our favorite foods just in moderation and with a better awareness as to what an accurate serving size is. 😉

with that said, here is my workout schedule for this week.

M: Early morning run before work/ strength train

T: off

W: pilates

Th:Run after work/ strength train

F:  Early morning run before work/ strength train

S: Run/hike with Nathan

S: Run/hike with Nathan

Hope everyone has a great week!

-Lauren ❤




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