Lazy Weekends & Spring Cleaning

And just like that, it’s Sunday again! Why do weekends seem to go by incredibly quicker than weekdays?

Well, it was such a low key weekend over here and I loved every second of it. I had to keep telling myself not to get too used to it since it’s a rarity for us to have no commitments on a Friday or Saturday.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling under the weather and it stuck with me most of the afternoon as well, which foiled my running plans. I also seem to have a pulled neck muscle from my weight session either Thursday or Friday morning, not sure when it happened just that it’s difficult to turn my neck.  However, I did crank out this delicious meal for brunch Saturday.


Spinach and feta egg scramble and turkey sausage with a mixed berry smoothie on the side.

Friday after work Nathan and I planned to head out for a hike but plans quickly changed the minute we sat down and stopped moving…  we may have napped rather than hiked. Oh well, I know I needed that power nap, otherwise I’m usually in bed by 10 pm most Fridays. 😉 Afterwards we put on our comfy clothes and headed out the door to a San Antonio favorite, Longhorn Cafe where this happened…



Jalapeno cheddar burger!

No, I did not finish this whole burger but I came close and it was certainly delicious. I typically order their grilled chicken salad with buffalo sauce, but by Friday I was tired of salad. It has been a week long of staying well under my caloric goal for myself via myfitnesspal and I felt great about ordering a burger! I still stayed under my caloric goal after eating this burger along with a handful of fries too! It’s all about moderation folks! 🙂

I totally failed taking any food photos from my meal plan this past week but plan to snap a few this week before hand.

Meal Plan:

M- Homemade wholewheat veggie pizza

T- Gala dinner (out)

W- Shrimp and zucchini bake

Th- Meatloaf with green beans

F- out

S- Lightened up chicken Alfredo with spinach

S- leftovers

After church today I have a plan to tackle my spring cleaning list. I found this awesome checklist online and this I am going to stick to this as my spring cleaning guide!


Well my fitness plan for the week looks identical to last week’s plan, except with a bit more hiking thrown in there. 😉

Have a great Sunday! Oh, and Brandy says hi!


This is B’s “Mom will you play with me?” face. I can’t say no!

I’m off for a quick 3 miler before church! Catch you later!

Lauren ❤




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