Going to Bed Hungry & Sweet Summertime

I am in total spring and summer mode over here in Texas!


found this little gem and had to share 😉


The school year is winding down, pools are being filled, and vacations are booked! I for one am ecstatic about all the fun that is going to be jam packed into summer ’14!  I have booked flights to spend 2.5 weeks home in Ohio to take part in 2 very special weddings just a week apart! I will be able to see my sister Kelly graduate high school, catch up with relatives and friends that I have missed dearly! In July friends and family will be coming to Texas to visit for some time and see our new home! There’s just lots of fun to look forward to! 🙂

Nathans brother Joe is coming for a visit next week and we are totally looking forward to it! Nothing like having company over to motivate the spring cleaning, am I right?  😉

Last week was Nathan’s 24th birthday, and I decided that called for a visit to Chama Gaucha’s Brazillian Steak House. It was a meat lovers paradise and Nathan now says it is his favorite restaurant in SA. Wife points! 😉


I didn’t get any meat photos because we were too busy chowing down. The salad bar was incredible along with the Brazilian limeade that I ordered! The idea of a Brazilian steak house is that there are tons of different Brazilian cooked meats that servers bring around and carve at your table. They keep coming until you flip a little card over that basically says stop I need a break, haha.

We also recently had our school annual gala which was a huge success and we raised a ton of money to help out our growing private school! Also, a fun excuse to get dressed up! 


Here’s one of me and my colleagues. Ha! 

The table decor was beautifully done! 


Moving right along to the health and fitness portion of this post, here are some of the meals that I have created in the kitchen lately!


pictured: BBQ chicken drummies and brown rice, whole wheat veggie and feta pizza, ground turkey cabbage rolls, and PB, honey, and yogurt fruit dip. 

My meal plan for this week:

M-out for date night!

T-chicken and veggie stir-fry

W- leftovers

TH-dinner at friends house

F- Spaghetti and meatballs

S-homemade chicken and veggie quesadillas

S- crock pot chicken noodle soup

*(we are currently budgeting which is why my meal plans have been pretty basic lately. )

Time for a Myfitnesspal update! We are rounding week 4 and I have yet to loose a whole pound by using the app. Nathan has lost 10 lbs. and I am very excited for him! 

It has been a bit discouraging that all of my calorie counting hasn’t gotten me the results I have wanted, but it has also showed me that my eating habits don’t need much changing. I feel that for the amount of calories I have been consuming (1500 per day and more when I work out) I should have lost a bit more weight but at the same time, I know my body best and I have not felt deprived at all and listen to my body. When I am hungry I eat, if I am not hungry I don’t. It sounds pretty obvious but so many people eat for reasons other than hunger. One thing that Has helped me in the past to loose a few pesky pounds in time for bikini season has been to stop eating after dinner time and no food after 7 pm. Your stomach shouldn’t be full when you go to sleep because your body wont be able to digest the food while you are sleeping and it can be stored as fat. Going to bed with a bit of hunger has always been a trick of mine which I have recently been tapping back into. I will continue to stick with the app. because I do like to regime of logging my eats and supporting Nathan as well!

Well, that was a mouthful and hopefully beneficial! I’m off for my usual Sunday run. Let’s make it a great week!

Lauren ❤


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