Unleash YOUR Legs

Happy Saturday!

We’re enjoying a low key weekend over here. I woke up at 6:40 this morning threw off the covers and jumped out of bed thinking I missed my alarm and was going to be late for work! Then, slowly realization that it was indeed Saturday morning and I had nowhere to be but in my cozy bed started to sink in, my hear rate returned to normal and I drifted back to sleep until the beautiful hour of 9 a.m. 🙂

Shortly after waking, I laced up my Brooks and hit the pavement for my standard Saturday morning run. I have been incorporating Pilates ab videos into my fitness regime paired with free weights. I am now starting to see a bit more definition in both arms and abs, yay! My body was becoming accustomed to my favorite form of fitness, running, which was consequently resulting in less of an effect on my overall physique. Switching up your fitness routine once in a while is always a good idea!


Love it!

This time next week, I will be in my home state of Ohio to attend the High school graduation of my sister Kelly, followed by my sister Lindsay’s wedding, and also participating in Allison’s wedding afterwards! So many awesome things to look forward to!

Life around here has been go, go, go. School is winding down and I am preparing end of year speeches, awards, gifts, ect. We have been ordering quite a bit of take-out lately, and I am so not complaining because I have discovered an AMAZING Greek restaurant that I have ordered dinner from 2 nights in a row. Their hummus and Greek tossed salads are on point! I did however manage to make this baked crusted tilapia served atop orzo and veggies the other night.


Baked Breaded Tilapia Served atop Orzo

I went to my home away from home Garden Ridge last week and picked up a few items, which resulted in some lovely  new dining room decor. (the R rug is to replace our current entryway run and the colorful rug is for my kitchen)


My brother in law Joe decided to pop over to Texas for a week! It was such a blast having him here and showing him around some of our favorite places in San Antonio.



We ate at the Tower of Americas, toured the River Walk, and of course hit up Bucee’s. 😉

Nathan and I have been on a huge sushi kick lately and have been trying out different sushi places throughout the city. Here’s what our last date night consisted of! I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant right now, but we will be back!


Well, if the rain holds off we have plans to head over to the Bulverde Boardwalk food trucks for diner tonight, and explore some new hiking trails over the long weekend!

Have a great extended weekend everyone!

Any fun Memorial Day plans?

Lauren ❤




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