It’s Good to be Home…

Happy Sunday!

It feels good to be back in the comfort of my own home after almost three weeks of travel, weddings, and graduations! I left the beautiful shores of lake Erie early this morning to catch a 6 am flight back here to Texas. Leaving family was very tough but also much easier knowing that they will be here to visit in July!

(Reunited with Nathan and adorable our fur baby)


Tomorrow marks our 2 year wedding anniversary! I simply cannot believe how fast those years flew, it seems only yesterday I was giggling with my bridesmaids as we curled our hair and wondered what Nathan’s reaction would be upon seeing me walk the isle to meet him.


This past week was spend down in the backwoods of West Virginia at our family’s property down there. We hiked, fished, ate great food, and spent hours talking around the camp fire. It was just what my soul needed. 🙂





All of the hiking and running I have been able to do the past weeks have really got me feeling great fitness wise. Even though my eating was not the cleanest (it was vacation, duh) I still managed to drop 3 pesky lbs. while gone. Yay!

Allison’s wedding was a great time. She was such a stunning bride and it felt so good to be reunited and catch up with some of my high school buddies again!





Tomorrow Nathan and I are hitting the road again to spend a few quiet days up in Texas hill country for our 2 year anniversary. I am so excited for this little get away with my man and to spend quality time together! 

Catch ya later!

Lauren ❤


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