Running 1000 Miles & A Finished Project

Happy Saturday!
Last post I was talking of my excitement to wake up and run in the morning. Well, it was an awesome run yesterday and it set the pace for a lovely Friday! My First graders behaved (mostly) and the weather even cooled down.

(refueling post-run with a protein smoothie & B is all tired out)
We’re having a pretty low key day today. I’m feeling pretty lousy with a sore and scratchy throat that is moving into my chest. None the less I woke up this morning telling myself that a short 3 miler wouldn’t make me feel any worse. Well, after completing the run I looked down at my phone and saw this lovely number staring up at me. I started to feel better…:)

I finally made it to 1000 miles in under 2 years of tracking my running with nike plus. 🙂
Following the running and showering, Nathan whipped us up some bacon and eggs for breakfast. I sipped on my coffee at our bar while he was busy cooking away. We always have the best talks when coffee is involved 😉 Mid breakfast I started to feel pretty lousy so we decided to lounge around this morning, me watching Gilmore Girls (it’s on Netflix now!) and him football. It wasn’t long until I decided I needed some fruit and made us some berry smoothies with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.Yum.

Soon, Nathan left for church and I decided to get cracking on that Pinterest project I hinted about last post. I found a brilliant, easy, an cheap headboard idea for our master bedroom. I sprayed the foam ceiling tiles down with Kilz and using the scotch extreme mounting taps stuck them to our wall. It seriously was too easy. Here are some progress pictures and the finished product.




Also, I crafted up this fun little festive wreath for Christmas time. I told you I have been bit by the DIY bug. 😉

And that’s a rap for today. Nathan’s watching his beloved wolverines play right now and I’ve got some hearty chicken lime soup simmering on the stove top.
Have a great weekend!
Lauren ❤


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