Spaghetti Squash & Beating the Rain

Hello and happy Saturday!
I’m sitting in our upstairs living room, football playing in the background, and soaking up the remaining hours of this wonderful Saturday.

I woke up with the dawn this morning so that I could fit in a run before the thunderstorms began at 8. Sure enough I was coming up my last hill towards home when the storm began to roll in. I was able to grab coffee with Nathan before he headed off to a youth leader meeting at the church. I may have decided to skip out on this one to catch up on housework around here. I always feel like I’m never caught up with all of the upkeep this home requires. So, after a morning filled with cleaning Nathan came home and whisked me away to a nearby park for a hike. We love hiking but they’ve had to be put on hold due to the unrelenting Texas heat.
After our hike we were both staving so decided to pick up a pizza and head home in time for the Michigan game to start.

I ate my salad before downing two slices. Yummm.
We are having quite a few people over this week so I’m really trying to stay on top of my cleaning so that I don’t get overwhelmed. My friend Holli is coming over tomorrow after church for lunch, and then we are hitting up some local thrift shops to look for furnishings for her new apartment. Tuesday night we are hosting small group here and then Friday night I’m having some youth girls over for a sleep over, pumpkin carving, and cider with donuts.

(I found some cute new holiday decor last weekend)
Also, I made a killer spaghetti squash dish last night for dinner and decided it is blog worthy so here we go! *cough cough faith*;)
Before leaving for work yesterday morning I put together a package of sweet italian sausage and three cans of Hunts tomato sauce in the crock pot to simmer on low all day. (Think 7am-3pm) So 8 hours on low. Then after arriving home I cut the spaghetti squash in half, scraped out the seeds, and placed it face up on a baking sheet. Once the oven is fully heated to 400* put the squash in to roast for 50 minutes.

Then with a fork, take and scrape at the sides of the squash and pasta like strings will fall right off. Spoon the “pasta” into a dish and top with sausage/sauce.



It was so delicious and nutritious which is a great combo in my book!
Well, I’m off have a great remainder of your weekend!
❤ Lauren


One thought on “Spaghetti Squash & Beating the Rain

  1. Lauren, your food pictures look absolutely delicious!! WOW! Thanks for sharing all this yumminess!! You’re adorable!! You look absolutely amazing!! Great job on your run!! xoxoxo

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