Home for the Holidays

Happy Sunday and a Happy Birthday shout out to my darling best friend Faith!

Nathan and I are heading up North for Thanksgiving and I can hardly contain my excitement! I have been scurrying around all weekend getting Christmas gifts (we are doing an early Christmas exchange with my side of the family because we will not see them for Christmas) doing laundry, finding yummy TG recipes to make, and getting our house in order ( I hate leaving a messy house to come back to).

(Christmas shopping with my trusty Starbucks coffee in hand, the best way)
I have really been cleaning up my diet this week and saving up my calories for all the delicious eats I will most defiantly be consuming next week, in moderation of course. 😉
It’s been a dreary couple of days here but I have stuck to my running game and even logged some miles yesterday in the rain with the pup. The neighbors officially think I’m nuts. 😉

(Last weekend to this weekend)

Brandy enjoyed our cold rainy run much more than I did!
Earlier this week, Faith sent me this book I have been wanting to read for a while now ever since her visit this July when she mentioned it to me. I was close to ordering it on my iPad and then it arrived at my doorstep. Thanks Faith!

It really puts a Godly perspective on weight loss and living a healthy life. I’m almost finished reading it and I highly recommend it!
Speaking of Christmas gifts, I have been eyeing these lovely running pants and the bold colors and designs!

(Hint, hint Nathan 😉 )
Well, today I’ve got some last minute shopping to do before our flight leaves Thursday! Oh and some DIY projects in the works along with painting/touching up some of our base boards.
Have a great Sunday!
Lauren ❤


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