Thanksgiving and Christmas All in One!

Happy Tuesday!
I’m blogging today from my in-law’s home in Michigan. Their house is so relaxing and serene. It’s placed at the top of a hill overlooking miles and miles of woods and corn fields. We took a quick jaunt down the dirt road to grandma and grandpa house for brunch and ate a bunch of grandma’s yummy pancakes.
Nathan and I arrived in Michigan yesterday afternoon after spending a few short days with my side of the family in Ohio. We arrived in Ohio after barely making our connecting flight in Chicago. We had a longer than expected wait in San Antonio due to a delayed flight. So we went and ate diner in the airport followed by Starbucks.

Once arriving in Ohio we caught up on sleep and then it was a whirl wind from there.

I ran some snowy miles with my favorite running partner, dad. I ran with mom, and I ran solo. Every time the views were spectacular, especially knowing some delicious warm coffee was awaiting me at the house.

We decided to have our own little family Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration together since we will not be seeing each other for he actual holiday. We cooked up a mean feast and my sister Annie decorated the table and everyones place setting had a fun TG themed trivia game along with a space to share what you’re thankful for.

My dad also made plans for all of us to see the new Hunger Games movie and then a delicious hibachi dinner at Nagoya. We followed that up by a stop to Tofts Dairy where they make the best ice cream and Nathan and I couldn’t resist walking out of there without purchasing three different flavors to try. 😉
It was a truly great time spent with family and I cannot wait for my side of the family to come to Michigan Thursday so both families can celebrate the holiday together! I am so blessed and thankful that our families love each other so much and mesh so well.

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