Back in Texas & A Mouthwatering Oatmeal Bake

Hello and happy Saturday!

Nathan and I are safely home after a full day of travel yesterday. We woke up this morning to an empty fridge and NO COFFEE, Which meant an emergency grocery trip was in order. Luckily I had already created a grocery list for the week. I have some new Pinterest inspired meals ready to whip up this week for dinners. I was getting in a meal planning rut and finally found some fun new healthy recipes to try that are husband approved as well 😉
For breakfast after grocery shopping I tried out a new baked oatmeal recipe and it was delicious!


I followed this recipe except opted for honey instead of maple syrup and only used 1/2 cup. I also used 4 eggs instead of one because I wanted to up the protein factor because I plan to eat this for breakfast this week. Instead of using bananas and raspberries, I chose fresh strawberries and they made this dish amazing!
Some other meals I plan to create this week are avocado salmon pasta (using spaghetti squash),Crockpot pineapple chicken, Baked citrus salmon with brown rice, and orange chicken wings. Hopefully they turn out well!

Our time spent in Michigan was beautiful and went by way too fast. I didn’t take too many pictures but got some good ones on a family walk we took when both families were together for Thanksgiving. It was a chilly Thanksgiving but I did conquer some miles in Michigan before consuming lots of delicious homecooking. 😉

We played so many great family games which is always a highlight for me. We ate delicious meals. Most of all we just enjoy catching up with family and great friends. My heart is so full and I feel very refreshed and ready to tackle these next three weeks until Christmas break when Nathan’s family is coming to stay. In the mean time I’ve got a lot to do around the house to get it in tip top shape for all the holiday visitors. Nathan also surprised me with new couches for our formal living room downstairs which I am so, so excited about. (pics. to come).
Well, I’m off to watch this Ohio state vs. Michigan game and hope that my Buckeyes beat Nathan’s Wolverines. Wish me luck!
Lauren ❤


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