Staying Fit in 2015

Hello 2015!
So far today Nathan and I have spent the majority of the new year in our PJs curled up on the couch, watching movies, and spending time together and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. His family made the trip down to Texas for the holidays and they left us after breakfast this morning.
We rang in the new year last night with loads of board games and yummy eats. Around midnight we popped open some Welches grape juice and ran outside to the deck to watch all the fireworks being set off all over the city.

Heading into the New Year I am feeling strong. I made it my goal to not gain any extra weight this holiday season, because it has always been a time when I notice myself start to slip. I am happy to report that I stuck with my running regiment and kept active all throughout. There were totally a few days where it took way more self discipline to get out the door, but I stuck with it and never skipped a planned run. (Oh, and these new Mizunos helped lots too 😉 )

On the eating front, I am a FIRM believer that abs are made in the kitchen and weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can’t out run a poor diet, trust me I’ve tried 😉 Don’t get me wrong I had my fair share of Lindt truffles and gooey brownies, but I had less than I would have in years past. I never felt deprived by allowing myself a few bites of some of my favorite dishes. It’s all about moderation!

Jumping back to Christmas, it was a great day and actually our first Christmas spent in our new house (we were in Ohio last year). I cooked Christmas dinner and my mother-in-law made a delicious brunch for us that morning.

I planned to do a giant 12 foot tree in our living room this year because we’ve got super high ceilings but didn’t ever get a chance. Next year though!;) It’s so fun decorating for Christmas!

We took Nathan’s family downtown to the River Walk for dinner and to see the beautiful lights illuminating the whole river.



We had a blast with Nathan’s family and we took them to all our favorite spots to eat and places to see in S.A.




From Mini golfing to Big Lou’s 42 inch pizza I’d say it was a successful trip!
I am in the midst of meal planning and getting ready to get back to the grind Monday and mentally prepare myself to teach a class full of kiddos again…

I am excited for this new year and some activities I plan to do more of this year are *day trips to new places we haven’t yet visited in TX*Get in the Word more*Hiking*Lots more running*take more dates with my man* Read more books*Try new recipes*travel*face more fears*Take more pictures*Write more letters*Go on a missions trip*Paint*Slow down more*
I’m off to make some hot cocoa and curl up with my guy!
Have a great evening!


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