Spurs Games & Roses

As I get ready to go for a chilly run this morning I figured I would pop in with a much needed blog post. I’m going to be honest here, lately my running motivation has been more like this…

Running in the mornings outside before school has been pretty cold so I think i’m going to finally cave in and start looking at dreadmills treadmills. 😉

Friday night Nathan and I went downtown to attend our very first Spurs game!


We went to Cheddars for dinner before the game and it was pretty good.



Someone was pretty excited to see the Spurs vs. Lakers game and I am happy to report that the Spurs kicked butt.
These past few weeks of work have been very challenging and my sweet husband has been going out of his way to brighten my days. 😉




Roses, cheesecake, and dinner dates a.k.a. not having to cook dinner!
I will leave you with this great quote that has been a big challenge for me in my life right now.

I’m off to go running then head to church. I’ve got some youth girls coming over after church for a girls day.
Lauren ❤


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