Valentines Day Fun

As I get ready to head off for a fun weekend of Winter Camp with our youth I am struck with the realization that time is simply flying by at warp speed. I feel like I was just writing last year’s Winter Camp recap and here I am getting ready to zip up our suitcases for another camp. Wow!
Monday night Nathan and I celebrated an early Valentines as soon as he picked me up from work.

He created a fun little scavenger hunt all over that took me to dinner and ended with our favorite cheesecake slices at Cheesecake Factory. YUMMM!




IMG_1112 He’s such a hopeless romantic, and I love it! ❤
Today was a chaotic valentines celebration in the elementary grades;)

I felt the love from my little ones and have more than my fair share of Chocolate. My plan is to take most of it to camp with me this weekend and I know those high school girls will have no trouble helping it all disappear. Out of sight, out of mind.
I’m planing to use this weekend as a sort of detox from lots of things. Camp food is a no go for me so I usually resort to the salad bar and fruit or granola bars that I pack myself. We spend majority of the camp running around being super active and I plan to run Saturday and Sunday morning like I normally would.
Well, I’m off to get the last few to-do’s checked off of my list before the madness of check-in starts. I’m already looking forward to a day off on Monday to rest and recuperate.
Have a great Valentines weekend!
❤ Lauren


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