Our Marble Falls Getaway 

Ah, Spring Break, It’s so good to see you again. I’ve forgotten what leisurely mornings sipping warm cups of coffee and staying in my PJs felt like. 😉 

Nathan and I had the opportunity to sneak away to the darling little town of Marble Falls for a stay. We planned to spend all of yesterday hiking at Pedernales Falls, but the rain sent us packing earlier than planned. We still had a blast spending time together despite the rain! Here is a recap from our quick little trip!

Before we hit the road, I had a run planned in the books that I knew I couldn’t miss despite the impending storm clouds and rain. Even though I returned rather soaked, it was a colorful run and I am thankful. After running, I packed the rest of our bags, tidied up around the house for the dog sitter, and hopped in the shower. When Nathan returned home, we hit the road!

No road trip is coplete without some snacks! Swedish fish for me and a candy bar and Arnold Palmer for him. Upon arriving in Marble Falls, we got all checked in and inquired about restaurants in the area. The woman at the front desk told us abour her favorite sushi/Thai restaurant and we were sold. (The TX shaped waffle is from the breakfast buffet, only in texas people). We also packed board games to play incase the rain kept up.

We ended up at Ginger and Spice for dinner. The woman at the front desk was not kidding, the food was incredible! We split an order of chicken Pad Thai and I ordered the spicy salmon roll while Nathan ordered the sumo roll. We left feeling full and decided to do some exploring down by the water.

Despite the misty rain, it wasn’t too cold and the water was beautiful.

We both had very stressful weeks of work and this getaway came at the perfect time for us to reconnect and recharge from the past few weeks. It was so nice to forget about everything back in San Antonio and focus on eachother.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel (where the TX waffles took place) Then headed out in search of coffee a.k.a. Starbucks! 😉 We drove around the town with our warm cups of coffee and did some more sightseeing, discussed all of the rain and decided that hiking that day was most likely not going to happen, which was okay, but we decided were going to take a day trip here soon to hike the falls! However, knew we couldn’t leave without eating at the infamous Blue Bonnet Cafe.

Which led us to this little rustic diner known for its delicious breakfasts served all day and huge homemade pies. The restaurant was packed by lunchtime but we managed to snag a booth in the back. That giant piece of Texas toast was homemade and so buttery and delicious I could have eaten his whole piece myself! We left feeling full but couldn’t resist ordering a slice of their famous pie to go. We opted for the peanutbutter pie and man was it creamy! if you’re ever in Marble Falls I recommend the Blue Bonnet Cafe, it had great service and delicious food.

Well, I’m going to start on some house hold projects around here, run, then head out to a youth event we have planned for this aafternoon! Have a blessed day!

Lauren ❤


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