What Are You Proud Of?

It’s Sunday morning and there is a slight mist outside that promises of a refreshing run in the 70 degree temperatures. And after this post I plan to head out and run those refreshing miles with my trusty running companion.:)  


Life lately has been good. I am still working to find a balance between work, relationships, household duties, and outside obligations (aka no time to blog). I’ve been feeling like work and outside obligations are taking presidence and it has been difficult to find time to spend with friends and get items done around the house. I am looking forward to Summer break  (yay being a teacher!!) and lowering my list of work and church obligations. I even got this cute little palnner to help me out and let me just say the Summer is pretty much filled solid with fun trips and events!:) 


Nathan and I have been traveling all over Texas on weekends to Austin a few times and Houston for a Youth Conference.  


We stumbled upon out new favorite Italian restaurant ever! I would gladly make the drive to Austin to eat here anytime! 

 The food is amazingly fresh and flavorful! I have yet to order a dish here that was not absolutley delicious! 

Easter lunch after church services, took us to our annual favorite Easter spot, the Gristmill! Nathan got the BBQ ribs and I got my favorite Ahi Tuna topped with tomitillo sauce!



Also, We have been breaking out the grill more and more as the weather gets hotter which has resulted in some amazing grilled dinners! 


Pictured above we have some pineapple and marinaded chicken kabobs, bacon wrapped chicken, burgers, brats, and grilled corn on the cob! 


The tastes of Summer, Yummm!

Last night Nathan and I went to some local tennis courts and played a few hours of tennis. We used to play all the time in college so it was lots of fun to hit the ball around. We are playing again today with some friends of ours after church services! Nathan’s birthday is Tuesday, so we are doing a little tennis court bday celebration, per his request. Tomorrow, I took the day off with N becaue we are opting to celebrate his birthday tomorrow rather than Tuesday becuse we both have super long days on Tuesdays with meetings and such. I made reservations at his favorite brazillian Steak House and then I have a birthday surprise planned for later in the evening which he has no idea about which is shocking because I’m usually horrible about keeping secrets and let them slip accidentally all the time. 


Some beautiful Bluebonnets seen on my run. #Texasforever

I will sign out with this thought…

Yesterday I did a little clothing shopping after a church leaders meeting. As I was in the dressing room trying on clothing I had a thought that I haven’t had in a while… I was proud of my body. Instead of scowling at my relfection as I often do, I took it all in and realized that I was actually happy with where I am and the shape I am in right now. This time last year as I was getting into shorts and tank tops for the summer, I was very discouraged that I hadn’t kept up with working out and eating well like I should have been, I had gotten lazy, and it took most of the Summer to reverse that. However, I made myself a goal this school year. I decided I was not going to miss a workout and I was going to try to eat as clean as possible. I made it a point to keep “trigger foods” out of the house that I knew would be tempting to binge on and undo all my hard work. If a late night icecream craving hit me, I went to the freezer and instead of grabbing a gallon of icecream like the old me, I took out the frozen fruit, some vanilla, and milk. I put all of those items into my food processor or magic bullet and created my own guilt free icecream treat, and you know what? I never felt deprived or guilty for late night eating! Also, everytime my alarm goes off at 5:00 am instead of rolling over and ignoring it like I had so many times last school year, I made it not an option. I knew I would feel crummy throughout the day if I skipped my run, so instead of playing the mind game with myself in bed for the next half hour, I sucked it up, got up and didn’t even think about it. Also, shoutout to my amazing supportive husband who hates to run but would get out there with me at 5 am without complaining because he knows how much it matters!

I know that was a rather lengthy thought, but I want you to know there is hope and YOU CAN DO IT! I still have some progress to make, but I can honestly say that I am proud of me, and that’s a good feeling! 🙂

Lauren ❤


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