Ready or not, Here Comes Summer

Usually this time of year I find myself dreading getting into my summer wardrobe because it reminds me of the areas I need to have toned up for summer time. Not this year however, I am embracing the fact that I stuck to my workout game and clean eating. Those 5 am wakeup calls were tough knowing I had full teaching day ahead spent on my feet and usually other duties/obligations after school as well. Sticking to a meal plan and doing meal prep work on the weekends helped me plan ahead and keep my fridge stocked with health ready to go options throughout the busy weeks. Constiency is KEY my friends! 


Nathan and I spent some time hiking in the great outdoors tonight after dinner, and it felt great to breathe in some fresh air! Let’s rewind back to Nathan’s birthday surprise real quick…

I got him the hunting rifle that he’s been wanting since we first moved to Texas. A friend of ours who is a big time rancher helped me out with the surprise at his ranch house. Nathan had NO idea! We also had to go to his favorite Brazilian steak house Chama Gaucha’s in honor of his 25th birthday. 



Their Brazilian limeaide is my favorite, and all the endless meat is N’s favorite. πŸ˜‰ They also brought out this delicious and oh-so creamy cheesecake. 

Followed up by some disk golf, per the birthday boy’s request. 



  I think he had a good day.:) 

Other than bday celebrations we have been busy, busy around here. I have acutually not been cooking a whole lot so we have been eating out a bit more than I would like to. 



As the school year comes to a close I am turning my attention to all things summer and have realized that we are having a revolvong door of house guests all summer long! I am looking forward to each visitor but I need to get in gear and finish up some house hold projects before hand. I just bought some pretty blue paint for our downstairs powder room so I plan to begin painting tomorrow afternoon!  Nathan’s brother Joe is coming to visit in two weeks that will be my motivation to accomplish my to-do’s. πŸ˜‰

On the running front, I’m beginning to feel that unrelenting Texas heat making its return for the summer, which will be pushing my runs earlier and earlier so me and my little furry running friend don’t get overheated.  



We had our annual staff vs. Student basketball game yesterday at school which was tons of fun! You can see my little first graders in the backgroud cheering for their teacher. πŸ˜‰

I’ll leave you with this quote that has been a great reminder for me with some curcumstances in life at the moment.  


Have a blessed day!

Lauren ❀


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