Color Vibe 5k, Dating Your Husband, & Running Groups

Yesterday I had the privilege to run my first color run! Some of my youth group girls asked me to join their group so I of course said yes. I also managed to talk my good, new friend Nichole into running it with me. Nathan usually goes to suppport me whenever I run a race but him and a friend of ours decided it was a good morning to work on the landscaping in our front yard. I told him to please do that instead and the 5k was right by our house so I was able to run home afterwards. 

The nice clean before shot. 

 And the colorful after picture.  

As I was running the mile home from this race, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I got some strange looks from the neighbors due to my colorful appearance. When I made it to our driveway I was shocked to see how much our landscape had improved!  Here are some after pictures. (Bye, bye hideous cactus)


Here is what our landscape looked like before…It was asking for a facelift.  


On Friday, Nathan brought me some beautiful roses to my classroom in honor of Teacher Apreciation week.  


Which brings me to my next point. Dating your spouse. Nathan and I make it a point to have a date night once a week, usually on Mondays. Something is always going to come up, and busy schedules are always prevelent, but having a set time for a date whether it’s dinner and a movie or cooking together and going for a walk around the neighborhood makes it easier to say NO to other things that pop up. Making time for eachother has helped us keep the focus on eachother even in the midst of business.  

 Yummy date at Macaroni Grill. Their bruchetta is a MUST, it always steals the show for me. 

Currently, I’ve got a delicious sausage with sauce and pasta in the works for lunch after church. It’s a favorite recipie that my mom has always made.  Nathan and I have a tennis match with some friends of ours on the agenda for this afternoon. I’m going to get in a run in a few minutes before it gets too hot out there.  

In other news, my friend Nicole and I are starting up a running group in the area and this coming Saturday is our first run! We’re getting out there super early for a Saturday but it’s the only time that works for everyone.  I’m so excited to have found a friend who is a similar pace to me and lives close by! This is going to make all my summer running much more bearable. Having othe people to run and chat with really helps the time fly by.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there and my own amazing mother who I cannot wait to see at the end of the month! Love you mom!

Lauren ❤


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