A Change of Pace

Last week Nathan’s brother Joe flew in from the chilly North to visit us! 


We took him to all the usual restaurants and even tried a few new ones. We got caught in a down pour at the River Walk and had to buy umbrellas and book it all the way back to the car! 


This was snapped before the torrential downpour took place. 😉 On the drive home from downtown we decided to stop by Sub Zero and try their famous liquid nitrogen frozen icecream treats! I’ve been dying to try this place out. 

Then on Friday after the last day of the school year I gave my awards speech, sent off my little students, and hopped a flight to Cleveland,OH to spend two lovely weeks on the shores of Lake Erie soaking in as much family time as possible.  


 Pre graduation pictures!


I got to attend my youngest sister Annie’s highschool graduation! Congrats Annie!


After Annie’s graduation she requested we stop for icecream at Mitchell’s and I’m so glad we did, their chocolate malts were a hit! 

 The other night for dinner dad whipped up the most amazing Miso salmon atop wasabi mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus from the nearby farmers market.

 If this item were on a menu at a restaurant I would order it all the time!  My dad is a wonderful cook. 

We’ve also been playing copious amounts of board games, and even took a few out to the boat with us the other evening since it was a bit too chilly and windy to take the boat out.

   Sunsets on Lake Erie will never cease to amaze and remind me of how much the One who created them loves me! 

Then Thursday the family and I loaded up and made the trip to Michigan to see my sister-in-law graduate highschool as well! It was such a treat to spend time with my in laws as well. 🙂


Well, I’m off for an easy run with mom and dad! The weather is so perfect for running here in Ohio that I just have to take advantage of it!

Lauren ❤


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