There’s Nothing Like Family Time

I am back in toasty San Antonio getting caught up on my to-do’s here after two amazing weeks spent at my parent’s house in Ohio. Saying goodbye was so hard because I miss them so much and am really getting tired of seeing them only a few times a year, but I know The Lord wants us in Texas right now for the time being.  

Not only did I get so have tons of family time but I also got to catch up with some of my amazing girlfriends as well through hiking, beach time, dinner dates, and of course board games.

      I sure have missed the beach!  

 Cute cafés and beach time with my darling Faith who came to visit me. 

I also had the privilege to hear my dad share his testimony of finding The Lord with his softball group at church before their evening game commenced.

 I got to help with some if the cooking while I was visiting which resulted in tortilla soup and cheddar bay biscuits one evening. Yumm.  

I was able to run with mom and dad during my time in Ohio, and I will never take being able to run with my parents for granted. They are such strong and determined people, I hope to have just an ounce of their determination and drive in life.  

We went to the best sushi restaurant a.k.a. Nagoya Japanese Steak house two times during my visit and each time I was blown away by the quality of their food. We all split a few different sushi rolls, soups, and salads to start. I ordered the seared miso chilean sea bass for my entree with a side of steamed asparagus and fried rice and it was out of this world delicious.

Dad also took us girls out fishing on Lake Erie. We didn’t catch much but it was so relaxing and recharging sitting in the sun and listening to the sunds of waves and sea gulls. I also got to be there for mom’s birthday! She requested Mexican food for her birthday dinner and to see the Jurasic World movie. We heeded her birthday requests and purchased tickets to see the new Jurasic World that premiered that night. We had such a blast and were all looking forward to seeing the new movie, which ended up being really good! 

Only a few short months untl I get to see these wonderful peope again soon when they make the treck down to Texas in August!

Have a blessed day!

Lauren ❤


One thought on “There’s Nothing Like Family Time

  1. It was so wonderful having you home with us Lauren! I love finally reading a post of yours that includes us from good ‘ol Ohio! 😀 We cannot wait to come visit you down in your neck of the woods here soon in August! Love you sis! ❤

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