Our 3 Year Anniversary Getaway: Galveston, TX

Long time, no blogging, I know. Today I want to recap our anniversary trip to beautiful Galveston, Texas. We made the 4 hour journey right after our church picnic on a Sunday. Knowing I was in for a long car ride I made sure to get a good run in before hand.  

Rocking my new Sauconys. These running shoes will always be a go to for me, they’re perfect for my foot.


No Texas road trip is complete without a Buccee’s pit stop. 😉 

Once we crossed the Galveston bridge I instantly felt like I was in Florida. There were Pelicans flying by our car, water ways on each side of us, fishing boats, palm trees, and brightly clored houses littering the shores. It did not feel like we were in Texas anymore! 

The entrance to our hotel was beautiful and I knew we made a great choice on where to stay. We were blown away by all the chandeliers, marble floors, and elegant details at The San Luis Resort and Spa. 

Once arriving to our room that overlooked the pool and beach we got changed and headed out to find some dinner.  

 *Our beautiful view of the coast and swiming pool. 

 Our appetites led us to The Steakhouse located in our resort. It’s claim to fame was the best steak in Texas, so we needed to find out. 😉  We were seated by the maitre D’ and I ordedred a delicious shirley temple to drink while we browsed the menus. We both decided on the filet mignon and sides of their house mashed potatoes and the french fries drizzled in truffle sauce. The food was phenomenal  and we even had a live jazz band playing while we dined.   

Afterwards we decided to explore the grounds a bit which led us to the beautifully lit pool.  

The next day, we work up early and decided to try a local breakfast place. I got the Huevos Rancheros and Nathan got the breakfast burrito.  

After eating we headed back to change into bathing suits for some pool and beach time. After soaking in the pool for a bit, we packed up and walked to the beach where we collected some shells for a project I was working on.  

We were still full from our big breakfasts so we decided to skip lunch and snack instead while walking the beach. Once we were ready to eat dinner we decided to try a local place with rave reviews called The Spot. The food there was fresh seafood/bar food and tasted delicious.  We got to eat our meals while overlooking the water it was a great experience.  

 We followed dinner up with icecream cones and some meandering around town into different shops.  
One thing about Nathan and I, is that we love to try out different put-put courses when we travel. We found a fun little course one evening and Nathan asked me to play and we had a blast!

*Nathan and the giant seashell.

We had such a wonderful time in Galveston and will be back next summer for sure! It was sad to leave but good to be back home after summer camp and various trips that had left our home uninhabited in for weeks. 

Nathan and I have tennis group tonight, we have been playing every Sunday evening with some friends and it’s a great workout too! I’ll check in soon.

Have a great week!

Lauren ❤


One thought on “Our 3 Year Anniversary Getaway: Galveston, TX

  1. That resort is absolutely beautiful!!! 😍 & Laur, I loveee your hat! So glad you guys had a nice get-away & can’t wait to see you soon!!! 5 days ❤️

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