7 Weeks of House Guests

Last week Nathan’s bestie from college visited us which marked our 7th week of house guests this summer! Not working in the summer really freed me up to be a little hostess all summer long, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Now being back to teaching long hours, and all the after work commitments my hostessing days are over until next summer. 😉

I had to give a presentation to all the parents in my class last Friday evening and was a bit nervous. Nathan snapped my picture on the way out the door to Meet The Teacher Night.

School has been going well and I have a class full of little angles! The first week of school was a smashing success and I am in love with my class this year.

*Ready for my first Monday back teaching First grade ❤

 Needing a little time away, Nathan and I packed up the car and cooler and headed out to Canyon Lake with our small group friends last Saturday. I woke up before Nathan and leashed up my best bud and running buddy who ran early with me before many of the other inhabitants of the neighborhood were awake, it was serene and beautiful morning.

After running I cooked up a healthy breakfast of green smoothies, scrambled eggs, whole wheat bagles, and coffee. We ate and did our devotions together before packing up the cooler and hitting the lake with friends!

We rented a boat for the day and cruised around Canyon Lake. Texas lakes are so much different than the Great Lakes that I grew up with, but it will have to do for now. 😉

We had a great day grilling out, swimming, and of course eating s’mores at the end of the evening while the sun was sinking down below the tree tops.

Today, after work Nathan and I came home to a simmering crock pot full of Chicken Taco Soup that Nathan so graciously threw in the crock pot this morning when I ran out of time. It turned out deliciously and will totally be a new addition to our meal rotation! ( Here is the recipe)

Well, after publishing this post I am off to Youth Group with our wonderful teenagers. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for the youth and leaders tonight.

I will leave you with this wonderful quote.

Have a wonderful week!

Lauren ❤


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