Swinging Into September

Happy Sunday! Nathan and I are taking advantage of this long weekend and celebrating my birthday early with a getaway to Horseshoe Bay Resort today after church! This morning began something like this… 

Last weekend we hosted 30 people for a leaders meeting/lunch after church and a Saturday night draft party for the pastors and church staff, so I was a busy bee cleaning and cooking non stop. 

For the big lunch, I kept it simple with different types of sliders, pigs in a blanket, taco soup, fruit salad, pasta salad, and regular salad. There were NO leftovers haha. (of course I ran alot before all of the cleaning/hostessing began, it keeps me sane) 

Monday night date night, Nathan whisked me away to a new to us sushi and Japanese steakhouse called Shogun. The sushi was very fresh, flavorful, and creatively plated. We tried four different rolls and had rave reviews all around.

  Friday after work Nathan and I got our typical weekly grocery haul then headed over to Papoulis for some greek food for dinner before the highschool football game that evening. 
I got lemoni grilled chicken with a salad and hummus while he opted for a lamb burger with feta spread and fries. We love Papoulis!

Friday we had a pep rally at school and my First graders were beyond excited to cheer for the football players! 

 Yesterday Nathan and I had NO plans at all, which got us thinking that we couldn’t remember the last Saturday where we had no plans, it was great! We lounged around, he grilled some delicious steaks for dinner, then we met up with a group of our friends for an evening of tennis.

Well, I’m off to get ready for church then a wonderful day with this guy… 

 He’s so handsome! 😉

Have a great week!

Lauren ❤


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