& I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World…

Hello and happy Sunday! I am finishing up my Pb oatmeal before running and church this morning. I wanted to pop in and share some pictures from lately!

I have been slacking in the meal planning department lately which has landed us at more than a few of our favorite dining spots for dinners and such, I am so not complaining! The infamous Fish City Grill never disappoints.  


  We hosted an Italian themed dinner party the other night for our small group that meets on Thursday nights. I prepared a delicious alfredo sauce with chicken and fettucini and a salad aas well. Everyone else brought a side to go with our theme.   

Here is the best Alfredo recipe I’ve tasted yet. All our guests had rave reviews and asked for the recipe. The secret ingredient is cream cheese, I never said it was healthy .;) 
 We also had See you at the Pole the other morning before school started. See you at the Pole is a nation wide event where students meet at their flag poles before the school day and pray for their teachers, classmates, our nation, and eachother. It is so touching to see these students step up and become leaders. 
Morning breakfasts have consisted of lots of coffee and smoothies (it’s still in the 80’s here) and a side of Jesus Calling and Bible reading, my favorite way to start each day. 
 Nathan and I went to Shogun Japanese steakhouse again for sushi and it is slowly becoming our very favorite sushi spot in the city. The fish is very fresh, the wait staff is helpful and efficient, and the atmosphere is very elegant. 
 I have been trying out a gluten free diet for the past few weeks in order to get some medical issues under control. I made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies for Nathan and I to share one evening, and they were pretty tasty. I think I liked them much better than Nathan did, seeing how he ate only 2 cookies as opposed to his usual 5. 
I have been doing well logging my miles and appreciate the somewhat cooler weather we’ve been having. 


We had some friends over for game night the other night and we played Scattergories (thanks faith) and Bonanza (aka the bean game) it’s  a new to us game that my family introduced to me when they were here visiting and we loved it so much we ordered one for ourselves.  
 Date night at Wings and Rings, the best wings place in San Antonio in my opinion. (they even have gluten free options) 
 I housed all my wings and salad without spilling anything on my all white shirt. 😉 
 At the Vitamin Shoppe the other day, we were looking for a new vitamin to try and were directed to this Green Source liquid vitamin. It’s a bit pricey but tastes good and is ridiculously good for you so we were sold. 

   Scenes from yesterday morning’s run. I convinced Nathan to go with me and Brandy even though it was Saturday  and he usually seeps while I go, but we had a big church event at 9am-7pm to attend all day and wanted to spend some time together before hand. 

I couldn’t get the verse in Psalms out of my head that says “From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same, the Lord’s name is to be praised.” My mom had us say that every morning on the way to school growing up to remind us to always praise and thank God throughout the day, each day.      Once at the Big Block Party (church carnival) I met up with some of my friends and we rode some spinny rides, the train, and Nathan and I were among some judges for a rib cook off, yummm!   

Around 5:00 we had an outdoor service to end our Big Block Party event. It was a breezy evening which helped but I still managed to get bad sunburn on my face and chest, yikes.   

 After service, a bunch of us were starving so we all decided on Zio’s for pasta and the online menu said they offered gluten free pasta dishes as well so I was sold. Once we got there I was informed that they discontinued their GF options, so I ordered a garden salad and some stuffed mushrooms instead. I was just happy to be eating dinner at that point. 🙂 We didn’t get home until around 10 PM where Nathan turned on the TV to catch up on his DVR football games and I fell asleep within minutes on the couch next to him. It was a great, busy, fun filled Saturday. 

Today on the agenda we have an afternoon of football, I’m hiking with some friends and our dogs, then meeting up with our evening tennis group! Have a wonderful day!

Lauren ❤


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