Sushi, Tennis, & Girls Night

Happy Saturday! On today’s agenda we have football, running, some DIY crafts, and possibly a game night with friends! 

Nathan’s been out of town since Thursday so I’ve had some friends of mine over to keep me company each night! Last night some girls came over and we made a delicious vegan/gluten free dinner (my friend Liz is vegan). I cooked up GF pasta with avocado sauce and sauteed mushrooms. We then had chocolate banana icecream for desert, so yummy! I got no pictures because we were all so hungry that it was gone in no time.

This picture is from last weekend when our friends Chris and Liz invited us to go see the up and coming comedian Michael Jr. while he was touring through San Antonio. We gladly joined them, and he was hillarious! The event was held in support of the Pregnancy Care Center downtown.

Nathan and I have both been in the mood for sushi lately which has resulted in quite a few date nights to some of our favorite sushi joints around town! Tuesday night we went to Kona Grill for dinner, which is one of my favorite restaurants ever! I ordered the Bama roll (GF soy sauce) and Nathan got the same thing but tempora fried with cheeseburger sliders and a bubbling pot of smoked gouda cheese!

While still on this sushi kick we went to Wasabi, another favorite of ours and wound up with this assortment of rolls. 

Pictured below was our appetizer of baked green mussels, they were wonderful!
When I actually cooked this week, I made a delicious batch of GF baked chicken parmesan.  I lightly followed this recipie subbing in the GF pasta.

Scenes from our weekly Sunday evening tennis. I love that we have made this a weekly thing with our friends because it’s such a great way to get in exercise and have a blast with friends.

Breakfasts lately have been looking like oatmeal with a big dollop of PB, coffee, and a side of the Word.
Yesterday I spent a whole day at a teacher seminar which meant sitting for hours on end it felt like. Upon arriving home, I needed to move! I harnessed up Brandy and laced up my shoes and hit the road. At first my legs felt like lead from sitting so long but I pushed past it and felt great after a mile of so.

 It was a bit too hot for my furry friend so I dropped her back at the house after a bit then continued on.


In the elementary realm, we have been having tons of fun! Our big field trip got canceled last week so we improvised and did our own “pumpkin patch” at school. The kids had a blast, I absolutley love my First graders and am so thankful that I get to be their teacher!

I’m going to go lace up my running shoes in a few minutes.

 Have a blessed day!
Lauren ❤


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