Lobster Rolls, Bon Fires, and Homecoming Week

 Happy Thursday! This week has  been a great one so far, full of festive fall activities, good workouts, and delicious eats! 

Date night took us to the Shuck Shack downtown which had rave reviews and was flagged as an “up and coming popular seafood spot”! I of course ordered the oysters which are their signature dish. These were the best oysters I have ever tasted, I could have eaten so many but wanted to save room for the Lobster Roll which was pricey but came highly recommended.

My handsome date for the night ordered a handcrafted bacon burger and was very please with his choice.   I have to be honest here, I thought I’d be okay having that gluten filled bun after eating no gluten for a few weeks but that night and the next few days I had a migrane that would not go away, so I’m sticking to this gluten free thing for a while.
Saturday evening we had some good friends over for dinner and a game night. Me and my vegan friend Liz recreated the avocado pasta topped with sauteed mushrooms that we made the weekend before and the men ordered pizzas. 

    Liz brought over ingredients for vegan and GF chocolate chip cookies which were very, very delicious!
Game night was such a blast and we ended up playing a card game called Scum of the Earth, and the looser had to do a dare. It got pretty hillarious and gross, I’ll leave it at that…;)

Sunday night we met up with our tennis group and this lovely sunset called for a picture. 

 I love our tennis group, they’re so much fun!   

 I heard this quote once and find it so very true for me, it says “That’s The thing about running; your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.” This so often rings true for me, I am so blessed.

 I have been on an energy ball kick lately and whipped some up using peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, coconut milk, chia seeds, honey, and oats. 

Last night was small group night at youth group, which was where each group leader and their kiddos plan an event or something fun to do as a group to fellowship and get to know each other a little better. So my small group girls (9-10 graders) decided they wanted to order Bush’s Chicken, sweet tea, and have a bon fire with s’mores on the hill at church.

  It was a success!  This week at school was spirit week because homecoming is tomorrow, so each day of the week students have been able to dress up in different themes. Today was throwback day, so we took some pictures!
I am so in love with my ten little students this year! We have so much fun in First grade!

Well, this is going to be a BIG weekend! Tomorrow there are tons of Homecoming festivities, a football game, and a halo-fifth quarter at night. Saturday morning I am running the Hocus Pocus 5k then working, decorating, cooking all day to get ready for Liz’s birthday party that night. The party is a Halloween murder mystery and I am hosting , eek! I’ll be sure to pop in with a recap soon!

Have a great day!

Lauren ❤


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