Oklahoma Bound:

 I am coming at you this morning officially on Thanksgiving break! In Texas, schools get the whole week of TG off to celebrate and I am not complaining one bit. This morning I was up at 6:30 and planning to go to a church outreach event with Nathan, but then I looked around our house and realized how badly I needed to stay here and catch up house work. The dishes were a MILE high, I kid you not. 

In the days since my last blog post, we have been running around nonstop it seems. Nathan went on a hunting trip recently and I had some good quality girl time with these cuties! We went to a football game, shopping, and stayed up late watching movies.  The Big Texas sky ❤
 I also got myself a much needed massage at a local massage parlour called Aramesh Day Spa. The masseuse was very friendly and after a few minutes into my hour massage she told me that my neck was so tense that she had never had anyone whose neck was that tight. I told her that I have TMJ and grind my teeth at night and she said she could really tell. She spent about 45 mintes just working on my neck and I felt so much better afterwards. She also gave me some good stretchs to do at home to combat my tense muscles.  Fingers crossed they will help! (Picture in the waiting room)

 So, Nathan and I have this wonderful life hack that we use all the time. My husband is a huge meat eater, so I do my best to have some type of protein/meat at each memal for him. We have discovered a clean and quick way to make bacon and will never go back to cooking it in a frying pan. Simply layer a baking sheet with foil and line it with bacon . Preheat the oven to 400 and bake for 13-15 minutes.So easy ,no grease spatter, and the bacon doesn’t loose any of its wonderful flavor!
Last Saturday we had 3 youth events in one day. First, we headed out to the Hondo Corn Maize with about 30 kiddos where we toured the corn maize, watched a pig race, and I of course bought some fresh squeezed lemonade and delicious kettle corn from their food stand. 

 One of us didn’t get the memo that it’s now Autumn…

   My sweet friend Patience and I. She is a senior at RCBA where I teach and she is our classroom “Adopt A Senior” student, so she comes in and visits my kiddos during the week. We just love her!
  The corn was starting to die off a bit but we still had a blast trying to beat the boys out of the corn maze first!  
  This week  I talked nathan into running with me after work, and he agreed to ride my bike next to me so that we could talk and catch up while I got my miles in. He also had Brandy  with him, so it was a whole family affair and I couldn’t help snapping a picture of us all. We’re sure a sight, I’m sure the neighbors got  a good laugh. 😉  
 My First graders all disguised turkeys to hide out in the classroom this week. How cute are they?! We’ve got a few princess turkeys, a peacock, astronaut, santa, cheerleader, balerina, cell phone, Spurs player, and Seahawks turkey. I love my job! ❤

Date night this week consisted of take out from my favorite greek place, Papoulis and a side of the best Baskin Robbins icecream flavors.  Yumm!

    Yesterday at school we had a service day and the whole school got involved and painted a fence for the church where our school is based. Here is a picture of the whole group after we got all cleaned up.
Here is one of the staff only. I love these people! ❤

    In other news, Nathan and I are packing our bags and heading off to Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving with my sister and brother -in-law. They just moved there for a temporary time for his job, and its just a 7 hour drive from us so we’re leaveing in a few days! I cannot wait to see them and their new pace!
I am off  for a blustery run with the dog! I’ll pop back in with a TG recap next week! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, there is SO much to be thankful for! 

Lauren ❤



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