“Oh Give Thanks Unto The Lord, For He Is Good”

Happy Thanksgiving day! I am so thankful for my MANY blessings today! We are currently in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While we await for the delicious foods to cook/bake I wanted to pop in with a quick blog post! 

Brandy and I went to watch N play flag football with some of his friends the other day. He is such a great athlete and so fun to watch score touchdowns and school the other guys. 😉  
    Sunday we headed out for some fresh air and disc golf with some friends of ours.
 Our attempt at a group selfie.

   As the sun was sinking down and peeking through the trees, I had to capture some beautiful pictures of our disc golf adventures.
 God’s handiwork ❤

 Tuesday morning I got coffee with my fried Hannah and we discussed life, love, and everything in between.  
 Yesterday morning before squeezing into the car for our venture to OKC, we took a family run to burn off some energy (for Brandy) and stretch our legs before the 8 hour drive.

   Once in the car Brandy was a champ and settled right down. We had our coffees ready to go, some books on tape, and wondeful conversations on our journey. 

 We arrived at Lindsay and Ben’s place around 6:30 PM and were all more than ready to go get some dinner. Our appetites led us to Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, known for the best steak in Oklahoma. The food was delicious and the company was even better!

 After dinner, we walked around Stockyard City to explore the town a bit. Oklahoma is known for it’s wind, but WOW it has not stopped blowing since we arrived.   
 I coerced Lindsay into running with me this morning. The weather was blowing and sprinkling but it felt good to move! We covered a little over 2 rainy miles then headed back to do some “yoga” and pilates.

love running with my sister!

Well, we’re having a blast here in Oklahoma with Lindsay and Ben. We have been exploring, playing games, and the cooking/baking is about to go into full force as we get dinner ready! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lauren ❤


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