Oklahoma Recap: A Thanksgiving to Remember

Ahh Thanksgiving, it was such a memorable one spent with Lindsay and Ben in Oklahoma City. While we sat down to our feast, Lindsay and I couldn’t help but discuss the fact that we are now adults cooking Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves without the rest of the family and in a whole other part of the country. It feels like just yesterday we were little girls playing dress up and running around my grandma’s big old mansion playing hide and seek in all of her many rooms Thanksgiving day, while delicious smells of stuffing, pie, and roast turkey filled the air. 

Now we’re here with our own little families, married, jobs, and living in different states. It’s a little bittersweet, but I am so blessed and thankful for where the Lord has taken us and all He has showed me through this life I’ve been given.

  The men took charge of the bird and injected it with a cajun butter sauce that was delicious! 

 Brandy planted herself right in the middle of the kitchen so that she wouldn’t miss a single spilled morsel. 😉

  The bird was cooked to perfection, good job guys!  
We had some sparkling apple cider to accompany our spread.
  The little hostess putting the finishing touches on Thanksgiving dinner.  

On the menu, we had the Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes, corn, fresh gravy, rolls, stuffing, and the cajun butter turkey. Everything was delicious and cooked to perfection!


Cheers to Thanksgiving 2015, one we will never forget!  

 Surrounded by those I love most in this world, my heart is so full ❤

For dessert Lindsay and I made an apple crisp cheesecake. It was heavenly!


On Black Friday, we woke up to brave the crowds and hit up the nearby outlets for some Christmas shopping. Let’s just say it was a very successful trip. 😉 

After shopping we hung around the appartment and waited for Ben to get home from work so that we could go out to dinner at our favorite Cheesecake Factory!  
We ordered the Wonton and fried macaroni and cheese ball appetizers. (sadly, my Gluten free self could eat none)

  For dinner I ordered my usual Miso Salmon dish. Excuse the quality on these photos, the lighting was very dim.  
Before heading home we had to head over to Braum’s a local icecream place that is only located around Oklahoma and is a favorite of ours. I got a little sundae!

Linds got one too!


The next morning we were greeted with ice covering everything! A bad ice storm hit the night before and it was quite the sight.

Lindsay and I braved the ice and walked to the gym to get in a circuit workout together. We alternated between running intervals on the treadmill and doing different strenght training moves before hitting up the other equipment for a good burn.


Shortly after our workout we headed back to the apartment where I packed us up and we said our goodbyes, loaded up Brandy, and hit the road.

We are now back home in San Antonio. I am about to jump in the shower and head off to church!   
Have a lovely Sunday!

Lauren ❤


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