Meal Prepping & An Engagement:

 Happy Sunday evening. This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing and fun! 

I took a luxurous Sunday afternoon nap today in preperation for ALL the activities this coming week. We have multiple church or school events every day after work which leaves us with little to no time to cook or prepare meals. Which brings me to the picture below. I am a huge fan of meal prepping on the weekend to make the busy week ahead easier meal wise. Lately I have been making egg casseroles for Nathan and Oatmeal bakes for me.  In this egg caserole I have seasoned potatoes, sausage, about 10 eggs, and some cheese. In the mornings breakfast is a snap because I can just pop a slice of this caserols in the microwave for a minute and he’s good to go with a breakfast that’s not going to leave him hungry an hour later.
 This is an apple cinnamon oatmeal bake, but I’ll switch up the fruits and flavorings every so often depending on season and what I’m craving. In this oatmeal bake I used oats, milk, honey, cinnamon, apple slices, and 2 eggs. (I’ve been using chia seeds lately too for extra omega-3s) I usually microwave a slice for 30 seconds then top with a smear of peanut butter and I’ve got a great breakfast that sticks with me through hours of teaching! 🙂

   There’s somehting so cozy about having only the Christmas tree turned on with a warm cup of hot chocolate topped in marshmallow cream. Nathan is the one who got me started on the marshmallow cream topping, it’s a game changer.
 There was also a viewing of my favorite Christmas movie ever!

 This past week, I was in charge of elementary chapel and my students wanted to put on a play for everyone so we reinacted the story of Jesus’s birth in a manger. We had Mary, Joseph, the angel Gabriel, Elizabeth, King Herrod, and a few barn animals. 

   Nathan preaching on Wednesday night! He’s such a gifted speaker, I am always blown away listening to him bring God’s word to these wonderful teenagers. #blessed

 Happy Birthday Jesus bulletin board! Jesus is the reason for the season!

I love that we still have some bright bursts of color around in these winter months. Lantana is such a beautiful flower, I’m glad we have a whole bunch growing in our flower beds. 

Running with these two makes my heart so happy. I told Nathan Saturday morning while we were running that this is one of the most loving things he can do for me, it’s just so nice to have him join me for those miles to talk, goof off, and spend time together.  

After running we got cleaned up and headed over to the church for a youth flag football event.     After flag football my friend Jessica surpried me by stopping over. We ended up talking for a while and then decided on going to a wrestling match to cheer on her boyfriend. I had never been to a wrestling match before and I must say it’s a pretty gross sport; lots of sweaty mats, smelly boys, and the outfits…On a VERY exciting note, two of our best friends got engaged last night! Nathan and Chris had been working hard on his proposal video and he totally nailed it and caught Liz off guard, it was so great. We were supposed to be the paparazzi hiding out in the back yard taking pictures through the window but it was really hard to see the action from back there. It was just so exciting to be a part of the whole thing!I am so excited for these two. They are an amazing couple, made for eachother, and I cannot wait to see how God uses their lives together. Bring on the wedding planning!      

Nathan’s office had a Christmas decorating competition. Chris and Nathan decided to go for the wow-factor and stay up the night before the judging to decorate the whole place and surprise everyone the next morning. Typical goofy youth pastors.


They will find out if they won this week!    
Church this morning was great. I get there at 9 and go up to the Jr. high room and lead the middle school girls small group, then go down to guest services and greet people until the 11:15 service starts which I get to sit in on. I have just loved Pastor Sean’s sermons on The Pauper King.


Lastly, I made this tasty soup via Pinterest and it was hearty, creamy, and the perfect winter soup! If you’re looking for a warm comforting bowl of soup, this sausage, potato, and spinach soup is it.


That’s all I’ve got for today. I have one more week of school to go then a week off and we head home (up North) for the holidays! Have a great week!

Lauren ❤ 


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