Meal prep & Surprise Houseguests

After two weeks away for Christmas, I knew it was important to do some meal prepping ahead of time to get us through the coming weeks in a healthy manner. I knew my system was in need of a healthy reboot with fresh smoothies, oatmeal bakes, detox soups, and big salads. I found myself craving fresh healthy foods instead of the sugary fatty foods I’d allowed myself to indulge in over vacation. I am glad that I didn’t restrict myself too much and allowed myself a few splurges over the holidays, because duh it’s vacation!

Pictured below is a hearty chicken noodle soup I made for some lunches. I followed this recipe and used rice instead of egg noodles to make it Gluten Free.


Last weekend we were out watching one of our youth’s basketball game and realized that we were pretty close to Shogun Sushi . Since Shogun is one of our favorites, we decided to take advantage of being close by and grab an early dinner there.

This coming weekend we are heading up to Leaky, TX to HEB camp located right on the beautiful Alto Frio River. We will be hosting our annual Winter Camp there this year, and the theme this year is REBELATION. We want to build up an army of teens who are so on fire for the Lord and seeking hard after Him.

I got this blurry action shot as proof that I did run once last week…I’ve been dealing with some personal issues and felt that I needed to take some time off running for a bit.


Jumping back to meal planning, here is an example of some breakfast staples in our house. I usually do an egg and sausage bake for Nathan, oatmeal bake for me, and home fries on the side. Each of these foods reheat well and are convenient for quick breakfasts throughout the week.

We’ve been making breakfast for dinner lately and found the best maple bacon at HEB that makes the whole house smell like pancakes for days after you make it. Pictured below are some breakfast tacos Nathan made for dinner last week. So GOOD!


I promise this is the last food picture! In the winter I crave hearty soups (even though TX isn’t really that cold) I have found that chili makes a great lunch that sticks with you and doesn’t leave me hungry an hour after lunch. As a teacher, foods that fuel me for a long time are ideal because I’m on my feet all day running her and there, and if I’m properly fueled then I have more energy for my lessons, I’m not hANGRY ;), and I don’t go running to the fridge right when I get home and spoil my dinner. 

If you haven’t heard the new worship song, give it a listen. The man who originally wrote “It is Well With my Soul” wrote it after his wife and children died and it drove him to pen this beautiful song in the midst of his suffering and anguish. Such beautiful words.

 My classroom has been FREEZING lately, so I’ve been rocking my scarf and coat while teaching until it gets warmer. BRRR. I’m such a freeze baby, I hate to be cold.


Friday after school I went to get groceries for the next week and because we had two houseguest coming to stay with us for the Long weekend!! We had two carts because one was for our house and the other was for Winter Camp supplies we decided to knock out at the same time. Needless to say it was a loooong shopping trip.


On Wednesday after youth, my sister Lindsay texted me and asked what we were doing for the long weekend and I told her we didn’t have too many plans but had to be in the area because Nathan was scheduled for the Saturday and Sunday services. Our conversation quickly escalated into them making the 7 hour journey from Oklahoma City to San Antonio for the weekend! They arrived late Friday night and it was so great to see them! Here is a picture of breakfast the next morning. More recapping to come!

Have a blessed week!

Lauren ❤


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