A Week In Review: Lindsay & Ben Visit

 I last left off when Lindsay and Ben arrived for an impromptu weekend late Friday night. We were so thrilled to get a weekend with the two of them and spend some time catching up. I was so excited Saturday morning that I bounced right out of bed and brewed a fresh pot of Jamacian Me Crazy coffee and got started on breakfast for everyone. After everyone woke up and ate a filling breakfast of bacon, eggs, and smoothies, we laced up our hiking shoes and went for a few mile hike around the block.  Soaking in the mid Winter sunshine with my beautiful sister!
After a leisurely morning of hiking, lounging, and chatting, our stomaches told us it was time for later lunch. We had plans for a late dinner at the famous Gristmill that evening, so settled on a lighter lunch from Papoulis Greek Restaurant. The boys each ordered the lamburger with fries, Lindsay got a chicken pita wrap, and I got a salad with a side of hummus and veggies.

 Nathan had to be at our church’s Saturday night service so Lindsay, Ben, and I hung around the house and got ready for dinner while we waited. I poured everyone some Arnold Palmer in fancy wine glasses to sip on. In our house we always have Arnold Palmer on hand, it’s Nathan’s favorite drink which consists of sweet tea mixed with lemonade.

 Once we got some good sister pictures  Nathan arrived home and we were out the door for a late dinner in the quaint little town of Gruene.

My forever date ❤

    We arrived to dinner only to find it was an hour and a half wait to be seated. However, the hostess was awesome and somehow got us right in without a wait at all. We joked that we must have been on “the list” or that Nathan slipped her some money, either way it was extremely welcomed because we were all ravenous.


For our main entrees Lindsay and I got the seared ahi tuna to split, Nathan got the full rack of ribs, and Ben got the sirloin. We gave the food rave reviews as usual.




  On Sunday morning Lindsay and I went for a run before attending the later 11:15 church service. We had some baked oatmeal and coffee and made our way to church.  Sunday selfie! ❤


Before church I marinaded some chicken for kebabs on the grill for lunch after church. Once we all arrived back from church the boys busted out the grill and began cooking the chicken kebabs while us girls worked on the sides. Eventually we joined the men outside in the beautiful sunshine and spent some time discussing the church service and talking while the food cooked.


Relaxing while the guys do the work 😉

Monday morning-ish Lindsay and Ben loaded up and hit the road back to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for another month of Air traffic Control School. We are so excited for them and to see where in the U.S. God places them after Ben finishes classes. 

Once Linds and Ben left Nathan and I got ready to go play some disc golf with friends at a nearby course that we have begun to enjoy playing at. My studly disc golfer 😉



I’m not much good at the sport, but I can hold my own with the guys who throw 3 times as far as me.  It was so great to see how many other people were out at the park taking advantage of the georgous weather we have during the winter.  

 This picture is from Youth last night. I took this as the students were singing out gracious tempest and it touched my heart so much that I wanted to capture the moment. We had over 100 students out at youth last night. I am really starting to see the fruit that has been born from all that we’ve been doing with God’s help while on our journey here in Texas. Hearts are changing and God is getting a hold of lives and I am so beyond thankful to be a part of it!

   We are packing up tonight because tomorrow at 5 pm our busses leave for Winter Camp in Leaky, TX. It’s going to be a great weekend and I can’t wait to see how God shows up and moves this weekend.

Have a blessed weekend!

Lauren ❤


One thought on “A Week In Review: Lindsay & Ben Visit

  1. I love this post & not just because I am always partial to the ones that have me in them 😁 but also because it captures the closeness that we all share & I am so thankful for that! We had an awesome time visiting you guys & can’t wait until next weekend!!! 😍❤️

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