Valentine’s Day & the Rodeo

 I ran 11 miles with a friend followed by a speed workout on a nearby highschool track bright and early the other morning. I’ve decided to begin training for my full marathon. Operation 26 by 26 aka run 26 miles by my 26th birthday.  

We celebrated Valentines Day in the elementary grades by putting on a Family Love Day performance followed by an icecream social.

Valentine’s weekend was a long one but I’ve been under the weather for a while now. Nathan and I managed to make it to Carabbas for a late Valentines dinner, in our athletic clothes no less. This Valentines was much different than all the other extravagant ones we have spent together, but It’s amazing to me that this was probably my favorite one yet. Nothing fancy, just some pasta, calamari, and gelato, but through life’s circumstances and the journey we’re on together I have never felt closer or more in sync with the wonderful man God has given me to spend my years with. I told Nathan that this was probably my favorite Valentine’s Day with him yet.


We scored some tickets to the San Antonio Rodeo for Christian night last week, so took advantage of going a bit early to eat dinner before the rodeo and concert began. Walking the grounds was a blast and the deep fried fair foods all smelled delicious. It was hard to decide on what we wanted but in the end Nathan went with his favorite glazed doughnut bacon cheeseburger and deep fried Oreos. I settled for a hot fudge sundae the size of my head. 

The rodeo began and my favorite parts are always the mutton busting and the bucking Broncos. The concert was Casting Crowns and I just love their worship music. It’s always so neat to see all the other believers gathered in this huge arena singing praises to our Heavenly Father.  

I told Nathan that his Valentines gift to me could be a new hair cut of my choice. Yesterday we went to Sports Clips and he got his new do. I absolutely love it and think he looks much more grown up now. 😉   

Today I had to skip church due to a fever and bad cough/ sore throat. So, I’m here chugging fluids and watching too many lifetime movies. It’s good to rest. This is going to be another busy week!

Catch ya later,

Lauren ❤


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