Winter Camp & A Trip to Dallas:

I began this post weeks ago but life got crazy so I am just now getting to it. Here it goes!

 Winter camp was a wonderful experience. We spent the weekend with 85 students and our youth leader team on the banks of the Alto Frio River. The bottom bus picture is on the way to camp and the top bus picture is the drive back from camp.  Can you tell we were a little wiped out? The hiking picture is from a hike we went on that led us to the top of a 4oo foot mountain,  it was breathtaking. Camp was so busy with the constant chaos of kickball games, team challenges, and mentoring troubled teens. 

 As a teacher, we take the 100th day of school very seriously.   So seriously that I dressed up like I was 100 years old to celebrate the day! 


We had so much fun celebrating the 100th day in the classroom and my students went crazy for my get up. 😉

Knowing we had a get away to Dallas in the works for that weekend, directly after school I dashed home to wash the baby powder out of my 100 year old hair so we could get on the road. I realized that I was starving and know we wouldn’t meet up at the hotel until around 8pm which meant a late night  dinner, we decided to swing by Chick Fil A for a “snack”.  

I was a happy camper with my grilled nuggets and lemonade/ice tea combo and in true Friday fashion  I fell asleep on the drive to Dallas. Poor Nathan is used to me falling asleep early on Friday’s because teaching is exhausting.

We checked in to our hotel and met up with Lindsay and Ben to hit the town for dinner. We ended up at a delicious steak house where we got oysters to start and delicious steaks all around.


The next morning after a continental breakfast and checkout, we hit the road for the Fort Worth Stock Yards! 

  The weather was gorgeous and we walked around the historic yards shortly after all the longhorn stampeded the streets like they do each day. We worked up an appetite which led us to H3 bar and grill for a late lunch.

I surprised myself and ordered the baby back ribs, sausage, and corn on the cob and N got the bacon burger, or course.  We all split some appetizers and were stuffed walking out of there. 


We walked around the stock yards and enjoyed eachother’s company while we went into all the different saddle shops, coffee companies, and candy barrels. 

It was a short lived trip but any time we get to spend with Lindsay and Ben is so special to us. 

Once we arrived home, it was back to the grind with work and church but Nathan and I took advantage of our favorite Sunday night past time, tennis!     
   It was just the two of us but it was a perfect workout to end the weekend. 

Have a blessed week!

Lauren ❤


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